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Code of conduct training

for business partners and suppliers

We are committed to enabling our suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct requirements. By providing this training, free of charge, we hope that you and all suppliers will find inspiration for improvement.

Ericsson’s company purpose is to create connections that make the unimaginable possible. Sustainability and conducting our business responsibly are vital cornerstones of our company. Our customers, regulators and society in general, expects and requires us to fulfill our commitments within sustainability. By integrating sustainability in everything we do, we believe we can be a prosperous and successful company.

We therefore require all our suppliers, and Business Partners, to meet high social, ethical, human rights and environmental standards as a fundamental part of our responsible business approach.

The Code of Conduct for Business Partners (the Code) is developed as a requirement for all our Business Partners, including Suppliers and shall therefore be valid for all Ericsson’s suppliers, sub-suppliers and Business Partners through contractual terms and conditions.

This training is intended for all our suppliers. However, we understand that the operations of all our suppliers may vary, from hardware to software and services suppliers. Therefore, we trust that you identify the requirements that are applicable for your company and your business.

Through these information modules, we will help you as a supplier to better understand the Code of Conduct requirements, and give you tools to ensure compliance with these requirements. We expect a systematic framework approach when addressing the Code of Conduct areas and implementing improvements to reach the defined goals.

And if you have questions regarding Ericsson Code of Conduct and Environmental Requirements, you are always welcome to contact us.


Responsible Business Alliance

Ericsson is a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

The world’s largest industry coalition related to supply chain sustainability topics. As a member of RBA, we acknowledge the RBA Code of Conduct, and have implemented its requirements in our Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

The RBA Code of Conduct is focusing on manufacturing requirements, while Ericsson has a broader range of Business Partners, from component and product assembly suppliers to network roll-out and different service suppliers. Hence, Ericsson’s Code has a broader scope and more detailed requirements related to e.g., Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental topics.

To facilitate for our Business Partners, we have, in our Code, highlighted what requirements are originating from the RBA Code of Conduct, and what requirements are additional Ericsson requirements.


Reporting compliance

Employees, suppliers, customers, and other partners involved with Ericsson are expected to report suspected violations of laws or the Code.

This can be related to any of the areas of the Code, Human Rights, Labor Standards, Occupational Health & Safety, significant Environmental incidents or Anti-Corruption situations. How such matters can be reported is described in detail in the Code. However, you can always report issues through Ericsson’s external whistle-blower process: The Ericsson Compliance Line.

Ericsson will handle concerns in accordance with legislation applicable to persons involved and prohibits any discrimination or retaliation against individuals who report suspected violations in good faith. We are committed to investigating all credible reports of potential compliance violations made in good faith.

Information about Ericsson Compliance line is available on the Ericsson website: Reporting Compliance Concerns.