Exceptional visibility of VoLTE quality

T-Mobile US gains actionable insights with Ericsson Expert Analytics

Making voices heard: a big data case study

Needing to deliver on the promise of vital but highly complex new services, T-Mobile partnered with Ericsson to improve quality for voice over LTE (VoLTE), mobile broadband and other advanced services.


The challenge

In expanding its LTE footprint, T-Mobile wanted to ensure the best-quality experience. The node-centric mode of measuring network performance was not providing insight into voice issues of muting and garbled speech, nor issues with mobile broadband services, such as video streaming and social media.

In order to detect a broad range of customer-impacting incidents, T-Mobile required new holistic metrics. The challenge was to link network behavior and service incidents in near real time so issues could be solved before customers called and complained.

  • Vital new services, such as VoLTE, are harder to assure

  • Traditional quality metrics are not sufficient for new services

  • Resolution of end user complaints is reactive and too slow

Grant castle photo
The challenge we had was that we were able to address VoLTE drop calls, but some customers still had voice quality issues. We knew we had to raise the bar to make every customer happy.

- Grant Castle, VP of Engineering Services and Quality Assurance, T-Mobile


The solution

By deploying Ericsson Expert Analytics, T-Mobile has been able to drive customer experience to an entirely new level. Ericsson's powerful platform allows T-Mobile to capture ingested data from thousands of multi-vendor sources, and every nationwide VoLTE call and data session is processed.

End-to-end service quality is measured and diagnosed in real time, identifying opportunities missed by traditional solutions.

  • Ericsson Expert Analytics deployed across a nationwide LTE network

  • Cross-domain, real-time analytics enabled at scale

  • New service quality insights derived from advanced algorithms


Martin Donnelly
Ericsson Expert Analytics is extremely unique. It builds a matrix that shines a light on things that previously could not be seen and have not been seen, giving an operator a new perspective of what performance really is.

- Martin Donnelly, Head of Sales for T-Mobile, Ericsson North America

The results

Ericsson Expert Analytics enables T-Mobile to use this wealth of data to identify unique insights for a variety of advanced services. The ability to transform previously invisible issues into immediate action means T-Mobile can proactively identify and diagnose customer-impacting issues in their multi-vendor network, which improves the overall experience.

Having managed networks serving over a billion users worldwide, Ericsson continues to define and develop business rules and data models that operators can use to derive actionable insights from network data. Ericsson Expert Analytics is setting the industry standard for customer experience management.

  • New mobile broadband and VoLTE-specific metrics for unprecedented customer experience visibility

  • Unique, actionable insights reveal issues and causes of incidents

  • Dramatically faster response times for trouble resolution

Neville Ray video

More than eighty percent of our voice traffic today is carried on our LTE network on VoLTE, and the Expert Analytics program and platform is helping us drive the performance and capability of VoLTE to new heights, so we can keep delivering the awesome experience our customers have come to expect.

- Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile

Actionable insights that drive experience

Ericsson Expert Analytics is a near real-time, multi-vendor, cross-domain big data analytics solution that is purpose built for telecom.