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The Digital Service Provider Blueprint

Accelerate your transformation to dynamic and certified services

Reach new levels of programmability, access and agility

Today, it is no longer a question of whether a service provider should go digital or not; the question is how to start. With the introduction of 5G, and all the business opportunities enhanced or created with 5G, it is no longer an option to maintain the same operations or technologies in OSS, BSS, and the core network.

The 5G switch made easy

With our evolved 5G platform, service providers can manage increased traffic growth, boost network efficiency and experience with AI and automation as well as secure 5G revenues. Discover how by taking a closer look at what we offer.

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Digital Service Provider blueprint

Ericsson helps service providers prosper in the digital economy. From enhancing the way you engage with your customers to automating operations, we're helping service providers reach new levels of programmability, access and agility – levels that digital natives call home.

Do you have what it takes to become the digital service provider of the future?

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Digital BSS

Create digital engagement and monetize from improved customer experiences. Optimize the business model for current or future innovations.

Network Automation

Automate, manage, and orchestrate hybrid networks in real time. Evolve networks into lightweight, programmable and adaptable infrastructures.

Voice services

Transform the core network for today and as you evolve to 5G. Rapidly deploy VoLTE with virtual IMS. Launch new innovative communication services.

Core network

Accelerate to 5G & IoT and achieve a new level of flexibility to explore new revenue streams via network slicing and cloud native design principles.

Cloud infrastructure

Increase speed, efficiency, and agility in offering new services while reducing risk and shortening lead time while you transform the network.

Cloud Native

Increase efficiency and utilization of the cloud infrastructure.

Edge Computing

Bring computing and storage resources closer to where they are needed. 

Network Functions Virtualization

How do you go from an NFV trial to commercial operation?

Network Slicing

Enable customized network connectivity and automated service orchestration.

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