System-verified NFVI for the service provider edge and central data center.

Key insights into the Telco Cloud transformation with NFVi

Telco Cloud report 2019

Get key insights into the Telco Cloud transformation through our recent report including participants from 16 countries.

Ericsson's new cloud native infrastructure

View the video to get a quick overview how Ericsson Cloud Native Infrastructure solution is optimized for cloud native applications that could give 30% TCO savings.

NFVI evolution for edge computing

Listen to Peter Wörndle, NFV expert at Ericsson discussing how NFVI is becoming capable of running containers and edge services.

Ericsson NFVI

Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) is a telco cloud platform which virtual network functions (VNFs) and container-based applications are deployed on. The NFVI runs telecom, operations support systems, business support systems, media and many types of IT and IoT applications.

The telco industry agrees on the need to move to NFVI to enable new revenue opportunities and operational costs savings. Whilst it’s tempting to think that a decoupled solution would be the best way to succeed with NFVI, it’s our belief that a total system is needed to be successful in the NFVI transformation towards 5G. To learn more about the opportunities, download our solution brief.

Read NFVI solution brief

NFVI benefits

Ericsson using pre-integrated and tested hardware and software components to form a complete system verified NFVI

NFVI evolution with low risk

To secure rapid and reliable deployment of services, we have pre-integrated and tested hardware and software components to form a complete system verified NFVI which is running live with many of the world’s leading service providers. Key features include:

  • E2E NFVI & MANO solution with multivendor compute & storage options
  • Open for  multivendor VNFs & applications
  • Ready for 5G - supports containers & edge computing
  • OPNFV certified

Ericsson SDI - Cloud agility & efficiency into the hardware layer of Ericsson NFVI

  • SDI Manager to discover & configure compute hardware from Ericsson and our approved vendors
  • Manage all hardware in a common pool from a single integration point
  • Virtual PODs used to quickly set up multiple hardware environments with optimized performance and utilization

Download the SDI paper

More about NFVI

In attempting to reap the benefits of cloud by virtualizing physical network functions, early adopters in the telco industry embraced a best-of-breed approach that required a great deal of time and money to integrate. As a result, it took them years to roll out their first VNFs. A better approach is to rely on system-verified, pre-integrated and tested solution from an experienced partner. View this video to learn more about pre-integrated NFVI.

Over several years of helping telecom operators virtualize their network functions, we have learned a great deal about integrating telco-grade solutions, including how to reduce the time and cost involved. We have carefully selected, integrated, and tested our best components to make sure that NFVI helps you deploy your services rapidly with the reliability expected by our telco industry. View this video on how we integrate and test our solution to deliver high quality software with speed.

Pre-integrated NFVI makes deployment easier and less risky. It is based on our delivery methodology where deployment automation is a key aspect. View this video to learn more about deploying a pre-integrated NFVI solution.

To seize the opportunities promised by many 5G use cases, service providers must distribute compute, storage and network resources to the edge. Distribution also enables increased network architecture flexibility by using cloud and NFV. Ericsson Edge NFVI is optimized to move traffic through a distributed network with the required latency at low cost and with high throughput and with support for both containers and virtual machines. Download the Edge NFVI solution brief to learn more.

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