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System-verified NFVI for the service provider edge and central data center.

Launching: Edge NFVI

NFVI (Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure) is a telco cloud platform which virtual network functions (VNFs) and applications are deployed on.

The NFV infrastructure runs telecom, OSS, BSS, media and many types of IoT applications. NFVI is defined by ETSI as part of the NFV specification.

The telco industry agrees on the need to move to NFVI to enable new revenue opportunities and operational costs savings. Whilst it’s tempting to think that a decoupled solution would be the best way to succeed with NFVI, it’s our belief that a total system is needed to be successful in the NFVI transformation towards 5G. 

Edge NFVI solution brief

NFV infrastructure transformation with low risk

To make sure you can deploy services rapidly and reliably, we have pre-integrated and tested hardware and software components to form a complete system verified NFV infrastructure which is running live with several of the world’s leading service providers.

A pre-integrated, tested and verified NFV infrastructure
Rather than trying to integrate your own components, you can reduce deployment time and costs with our system-verified NFVI for central data centers and for the edge.

Take a faster path to 5G
Reduce your time to market for new services with a low total cost of ownership while laying the foundation for 5G.

Quickly deploy applications from multiple vendors with our open NFVI based on ETSI architectural principles. Choose hardware from Ericsson or third-party providers.

Stay ready for tomorrow
Implement a solution today that can easily be evolved with container management capabilities for a multitude of 5G and IoT opportunities. For edge opportunities, we are offering Ericsson Edge NFVI – a small and powerful solution optimized to handle the distributed workload.

edge nfvi

Listen to our NFVI experts

Listen to our expert

Learn more on how Ericsson's experience and system architecture approach matter for NFVI implementations.

Pre-integrated NFVI – High quality software with speed

Check this video on how continuous integration is used as an important activity to improve NFVI software quality and speed.

Pre-integrated NFVI – Fast and smooth deployment

Watch this video about NFVI deployment and how to make it quickly and smoothly.

Pre-integrated NFVI – Efficient customer support

Providing customer support in a cloud environment requires new ways of working. Learn more here.

Learn more about our NFVI capabilities

Podcast: NFVI evolution for edge computing and cloud native

Listen to the highlights from the host Dez Blanchfield and Peter Wörndle, NFV expert at Ericsson when they are discussing how NFVI is evolving to become capable of running containers and being distributed to the edge to enable new services.

View SDI demo

Software-defined infrastructure is the foundation of NFVI. Learn how you can increase infrastructure flexibility through vPODs in our demo video.

Podcast: Software Defined Infrastructure for NFVI

Anders Vestergren, Head of Solution Line Software Defined Infrastructure explains the role of the new 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor platform and how leveraging the performance and virtualization features built into the processors accelerate NFVI transformation.

Ericsson SDI - Extending cloud's agility and operational efficiencies into the hardware layer of Ericsson NFVI

Download this description on how Software Defined Infrastructure makes NFVI more efficient and flexible.

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