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Network exposure

The use case and application innovation within 5G, IoT, XR, Industry 4.0 and the automotive sector will happen in ecosystems. For communications service providers to be part and increase their value, exposure of easy-to-use network data and resources is key.

What is network exposure and why you need it?

Network exposure means making the network capabilities easily available for customers and partners to innovate on . The network can be connected to ecosystems and enrich applications with its data and resources.

Network exposure, or service exposure within the network domain, means making network capabilities, such as data and network services, easily available for customers and partners to innovate on. With assigned security and data integrity policies, network data and resources can be accessible for different ecosystems to enrich enterprise applications.

Network exposure will be a necessity to meet the requirements of use cases for e.g. in IoT, XR, smart manufacturing and automotive sectors. Exposure is critical to achieve programmable networks that can communicate with all IoT devices, handle edge loads and introduce and monetize new 5G use cases and business opportunities.

In 5G, communications service providers and enterprises can easily activate new capabilities and expose them through APIs, boosting the programmability and adaptability of connectivity services to fit different needs. The core network provides adaptors connecting the southbound interfaces and business logic to create network APIs to third-party developers.

How network exposure can serve 5G use cases

The rich set of APIs allow third-party authorized applications to monitor and configure the network’s behavior for a number of different subscribers (connected devices with different applications). The 5G core network expose standard APIs to the internal or external developer ecosystem to be called on and consumed by their applications and use cases.

Network exposure provides the capability to convert technical features and standardized network APIs. When addressing a developer community with limited to no telecom competence, it is important that the offered service APIs address the specific needs from developers of different industry segments.

To simplify 5G programmability for the developer communities different standard network APIs are combined into easy-to-use service APIs composed that hide the complexity of networks.

The network exposure logic

The network exposure logic
  • Network exposure goes beyond just accessing the data of the network, it also includes executing operations in the network.
  • The exposed network functions are available through network API’s. the network API’s are composed into service API’s, tailored for different use cases and associated applications.
  • The exposed service APIs layer makes the services discoverable and available for developers and applications. This is done through an API gateway, with the support of portal, SDK and API management

Benefits with Ericsson’s network exposure

Benefits with Ericsson’s network exposure

Enable easy-to-use software development kits (SDKs) enriched with functions beyond the standards. Our solution:

  • hides the complexity of the underlying network
  • secure and controlled access of the network to external applications
  • monetization of the network capabilities

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