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Business communication has never been this easy

Ericsson Communication Accelerator is a 5G ready, cloud-based, multi-service offering, delivered in an as-a-service model (XaaS). It enables service providers to launch multiple, differentiated communication services to their business customers, leveraging existing network assets.



What is Ericsson Communication Accelerator?


In today’s digital world, communication plays a vital role in every business. Offering the right communication services to customers based on their business needs should be quick and easy. With Ericsson Communication Accelerator, service providers can do just that.

Based on cloud technology, Ericsson Communication Accelerator is a 5G-ready, as-a-service (XaaS) communication offering which enables service providers to launch new, differentiated services using existing infrastructure. Built with scalability and excellent user experience in mind, Ericsson Communication Accelerator allows service providers to let their business customers try out new services instantaneously, and add them to their portfolio as their business grows. Enterprise communication has never been this easy.  

Watch this video and see for yourself.

Business communication designed for business needs

Ericsson Communication Accelerator is designed for service providers seeking new, easy ways to provide the communication offerings their business customers need. The key building blocks allow:

  • Flexibility and Quick Time to Market
    Delivered as-a-service, operators can reduce time to market (up to 80%) to offer new features and services. These services can be offered either stand alone, or combined with different use-cases for increased flexibility.
  • Cost Efficiency and Convenience
    It is a 5G ready, cloud based offering requiring minimum investments with pay-as-you-go model. Capabilities such as self-service and automation to onboard and configure services are included.
  • Reliability and Reach
    Ericsson’s leadership in managing large and complex networks under strict SLAs makes it a trusted partner of choice. Service Providers can provide reach through interconnects and have the possibility to leverage both their existing network assets and customer relationships.

In short, Ericsson Communication Accelerator requires minimum upfront investments, as it is a pay-as-you-go model delivered as-a-service, without compromising with security and quality. Download the solution brief for more details on what Ericsson Communication Accelerator can do for you.


What are the use cases?

Demo for SoHo/Micro segment

See how you as service provider can enhance the business plan for the SoHo/Micro Business segment with additional services for multiple identities and multiple connected devices.

Demo of voice for IoT services

Watch how we can add voice to IoT devices and route the calls intelligently through the network

Demo of AR audio and video calling

With 5G connected AR glasses, Ericsson Communication Accelerator provides AR audio and video calling services that allows for example factory managers to immediately reach out for remote support.

Explore more use cases related to how mobile voice services can bring new value here.

The value in enterprise communication

Try our Revenue Calculator to see the value

Did you know, 85% of incoming business calls go unanswered, and the same percentage of potential customers won’t bother to call back. At a conversion rate of 30% on incoming calls this means that 20% of customers are lost, every day. Can your business customer really afford that?

Depending on the use cases, there is great business value in offering the right communication services. Try our revenue calculator to understand how Ericsson Communication Accelerator can change your business.

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Building SOHO and SME revenues through richer communications

The SOHO and SME segments represent a significant opportunity for telcos. In the EU alone, 99.8% of enterprises are SMEs and SOHOs, and contribute almost 60% of the EU’s total value added. Besides its substantial size and potential incremental revenue streams, the SOHO/SME segment is a key market for communication service providers.

Watch our webinar together with STL Partners where we explore the challenges and opportunities, and how CSPs can support the small-, medium- and home-based businesses.

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