Connected Vehicles

A communication service provider’s handbook: addressing the opportunities, challenges and way forward - one of the handbooks in our IoT series

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We’ve analyzed the biggest challenges communication service providers face when it comes to connected vehicles. Whether you position yourself as a network provider, service enabler or service creator, this handbook presents various revenue potentials across different industry verticals.

Learn about specific deployment and go-to-market challenges, and find out about the first steps service providers can take to create value within this market. And let the USD 69 billion revenue potential speak for itself.

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Explore how other communication service providers are already providing value, strengthening their chosen role in the ecosystem


How IoT is saving lives in China

Ericsson, China Mobile and the China Geological Survey Institute are planning to trial a disaster monitoring and warning system based on massive IoT technology. The solution will broadcast public safety warnings to potentially save lives during a future disaster. 

Mission-critical services

Case Study: Operators collaborate to drive mission-critical services globally using 5G

Digital transformation and the connected car

Connected cars have been available for a number of years, but mainly as new cars in the premium segment. Now...

And their enablers

Ericsson Connected Fleet

Build stronger fleets of rental, car-sharing and commercial vehicles

IoT Connectivity Management

Billions of things, one easy way to manage with world-class connectivity management.

IoT Accelerator

Together with data and device management, monetization, analytics, security and our industry-leading know-how in connectivity, IoT Accelerator will be the first middleman you’ll come to love.