Enhanced Video Services and Augmented Reality

A communication service provider’s handbook: addressing the opportunities, challenges and way forward - one of the handbooks in our IoT series.

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We’ve analyzed the biggest opportunities and challenges communication service providers face when it comes to Enhanced Video Services and Augmented Reality. Whether you position yourself as a network developer, service enabler or service creator, this handbook presents various revenue potentials across different industry verticals.

Learn about specific opportunities for deployment and go-to-market - and find out about the first steps service providers can take to capture the value within this cluster. And let the revenue potential speak for itself!

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Explore how other communication service providers are already providing value, strengthening their chosen role in the ecosystem


Smart factories: the fourth industrial revolution

Thanks to the combined powers of 5G, IoT and augmented reality, Industry 4.0 is happening. Ericsson factories in Sweden, Estonia and China are fast-tracking the introduction of a new generation of ‘smartness’, developing and implementing the first 5G and Industrial IoT systems in a real manufacturing environment. It includes an augmented reality troubleshooting solution that has already more than doubled one team’s effectiveness.

Engineering realistic robot remote control

Ericsson and ABB are engineering robot remote control with haptics: the technology designed to ‘trick’ our skin into thinking what we’re touching ‘virtually’ is real. 5G will accelerate this, as it’s the first time the network will operate faster than our minds. It could have applications as wide-ranging as surgery, transport and manufacturing.

Connected stadiums, arenas and events

At venues, it’s not just the performance of artists or sporting teams that matter. Good network performance and wide-ranging app functionality are critical to fans. That demand will only grow as connected stadiums evolve towards AR-assisted stadiums or stadiums that can capture and broadcast immersive event experiences. Ericsson is launching connected stadiums and assisting operators at major sporting events all over the world – including the latest connectivity partnership with Chelsea Football Club in London.

Speeding up app development for cellular IoT

The Ericsson IoT ecosystem has expanded to include PTC’s ThingWorx, an advanced application development platform. This partnership means the wider IoT market can now access the best-in-class applications and AR experience development tools offered by PTC – enabling businesses to accelerate the creation and launch of their IoT applications and services.

And their enablers

Connectivity Management

With 20 billion connected IoT devices by 2023, businesses will need to find a way of connecting and managing devices securely, easily and inexpensively. Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform offers just that: a single connectivity management solution with global scale.

Smart Wireless Manufacturing

As manufacturing enters Industry 4.0, requirements for intelligent automation and concepts like digital twins in the production line call for a fast, stable, secure and simple communication solution – such as private LTE. This scalable offering provides the highest robustness of all wireless solutions.

IoT Accelerator

With our full-stack IoT platform and marketplace, you’ll benefit from faster time-to-market, lower startup costs and easy scalability, based on an aaS model. Together with data and device management, monetization, analytics, security and our industry-leading know-how in connectivity, IoT Accelerator will be the first middleman you’ll come to love.