Hazard and Maintenance Sensing

A communication service provider’s handbook: addressing the opportunities, challenges and way forward for predictive maintenance in industrial IoT - one of the handbooks in our IoT series

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We’ve analyzed the biggest opportunities and challenges communication service providers face when it comes to Hazard and Maintenance Sensing. Whether you position yourself as a network developer, service enabler or service creator, this handbook presents various revenue potentials across different industry verticals.

Learn about specific opportunities for deployment and go-to-market - and find out about the first steps service providers can take to capture the value within this cluster. And let the USD 57 billion revenue potential speak for itself!

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Automating processes with NB-IoT

Ericsson Panda Communication, an independent subsidiary of Ericsson located in Nanjing, Vhina, runs Ericsson's largetst factory site. With more than 2,000 employees on staff, the plant manufactures radio equipment hardware used around the world.

Connecting machines for real-time data

SKF wants to make manufacturing processes and systems faster, safer, cleaner and more robust. A collaboration between SKF, Ericsson and Chalmers University of Technology set up a pilot production system for spherical roller bearings to improve manufacturing processes.

Out-of-the-box global connectivity for healthcare IoT

Swedish health-tech company Brighter collaborated with Ericsson for out-of-the-box connectivity for their Artiste-Offering, providing diabetes patients with up-to-date information of glucose levels and insulin injections, and featuring automatic logging across the globe.

How IoT is saving lives in China

Ericsson, China Mobile and the China Geological Survey Institute are planning to trial a disaster monitoring and warning system based on massive IoT technology. The solution will broadcast public safety warnings to potentially save lives during a future disaster.

And their enablers

Connectivity Management

IoT is transforming the way all businesses work and generate revenue. Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform offers a single connectivity management solution to help your customers make the most of this transformation.

Smart Wireless Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is entering Industry 4.0 in the quest to make machines and operations smarter. This means intelligent automation and concepts like digital twins in the production line, which require fast, stable, secure and simple communication solutions.