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Join the Ericsson IoT ecosystem

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Ericsson invites application developers and service providers to join our growing IoT ecosystem. The benefits of joining the Ericsson IoT ecosystem:

  • Service providers can grow their market by provisioning ready-made applications from the marketplace.
  • Application developers will gain access to a global go-to-market channel to scale business into new markets.

The Ericsson IoT Accelerator Marketplace provides all ecosystem members tools to unleash the full value of connectivity. Globally available APIs provide consistent functionality across mobile networks to create applications with richer functionality - providing higher value to enterprise customers.

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Applications for Smart Cities, Buildings and Manufacturing

We are currently enrolling application developers who are actively developing solutions for:

  • Smart city (e.g. Smart Streetlights, Smart Building, Smart Environment)
  • Transport and logistics (e.g. Public Transport Management, Supply Chain Management)
  • Advanced industries (e.g. Smart Manufacturing, Smart Mining).

We offer you low entry barriers to scale your business - fast onboarding and global exposure:

  • Comprehensive tools to onboard and manage devices - use existing compatible device types or add your own
  • A flexible, extendable REST API-driven set of base services - a growing ecosystem of partner functionality gives you the latest capabilities to build on
  • A marketplace where offerings can be exposed to the global service provider and IoT landscape - let the world see your services!

Application developers, register now to request access!

Unlock the full value of connectivity - enable a global IoT ecosystem

With IoT Accelerator Marketplace, service providers can move faster from proof-of-concept deployments to commercial scenarios. Based on standardized cellular APIs, the IoT Accelerator Marketplace makes onboarding, and deployment of applications targeting enterprises faster, allowing service providers to monetize important connectivity assets.

  • A powerful offering supporting pre-packaged applications ready to go-to-market now, and flexible services to build your own apps with partners
  • A readily-accessible service to get you up and running fast with zero-touch device onboarding for massive scale, harnessing the value of connectivity
  • A monetizable service with best-in-class capabilities to create and evolve new innovative business models as IoT develops

Service providers, register now to request access!

Ericsson’s IoT Solutions

IoT Accelerator platform

Translate your IoT dreams into real world business results with a full-stack IoT platform.

IoT ecosystem

Maximize your service, device and app offerings in an IoT ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

IoT security

Manage the complexity of IoT security with off-the-shelf solutions powered by IoT Accelerator platform

Ericsson unlocks the IoT ecosystem

We help address the need for collaboration in the IoT ecosystem.

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