Embrace cellular connectivity - Quantifying the value of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Cost of Inaction and ROI report

Everybody talks about the value of Industry 4.0 but are the numbers ever quantified? ABI Research was commissioned by Ericsson to conduct an assessment of smart manufacturing and smart warehousing operations to do just that. How will status quo manufacturers and warehouse operators compete with early adopters of cellular connected Industry 4.0 tools?

One key finding:

Private cellular networks for industrial use have the potential to boost gross margin by 5% to 13% for factory and warehouse operations that fully embrace Industry 4.0.

Our new report Unlocking the Value of Industry 4.0 shows the strong business value of Industry 4.0 with a foundation of reliable, secure connectivity, and describes the cost of inaction for waiting on the sidelines.

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