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iot connectivity

Connectivity is the foundation of IoT

Learn how cellular technology can help you optimize performance and make smart use of data.

IoT connectivity

IoT supports digital transformation and development of new business models and offerings. By building on existing cellular networks, billions of IoT devices can be connected, helping you stay relevant to your customers and grow new revenues while helping your customers gain a competitive advantage.

IoT is being widely embraced with the number of connected devices growing rapidly but the market landscape remains fragmented. For new business models, connectivity must be flexible and agile, in order to meet the network performance required for a wide variety of evolving IoT use cases, applications, and device types.

Cellular IoT technologies

Cellular IoT has been widely adopted across the globe, with 2G and 3G connectivity enabling many early IoT applications. Greater bandwidth, lower latency and increased support for large volumes of devices per cell are coming to the market with 4G offerings. These will be enhanced further with the arrival of 5G networks, initially enabled by the 5G New Radio (NR) standard, which will enable Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) that support increasingly critical applications.

Cellular IoT therefore has the capability to address both the relatively simpler requirements of the Massive IoT market as well as the highly specific, sensitive demands of complex environments and applications.

Cellular IoT itself is a rapidly growing ecosystem based on 3GPP global standards, supported by an increasing number of mobile network providers as well as device, chipset, module and network infrastructure vendors. It offers better performance than other Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network technologies in terms of unmatched global coverage, Quality of Service, scalability, security and the flexibility to handle the different requirements for a comprehensive range of use cases.

Early IoT adopters

IoT applications are emerging in diverse verticals. Connected cars are already being offered by many automotive players, while other smart solutions and services are being developed, such as connected factories and smart agriculture.

As early IoT adopters, some telecom operators are, together with other IoT ecosystem partners, already offering smart services beyond mobile broadband connectivity. 

Smart Society - Dialog Axiata

Launch of South Asia’s first Massive IoT commercial network.


Connected factory – China Mobile Jiangsu

Enabling increased efficiency of daily operations and lower cost.

Smart agriculture - Telstra

Demonstrating IoT on Cat-M1, deployed nationwide in Australia.

Cellular IoT solutions

Ericsson's Cellular IoT solution addresses diverse use cases ranging from the more basic use cases such as asset tracking and smart metering to more advanced use cases such as drones, AR/VR, to even higher demanding use cases such as autonomous vehicles and collaborative robotics.

The solution leverages new 4G LTE and 5G NR capabilities in the four segments:

  • Massive IoT provide cellular IoT connectivity to low complexity IoT devices based on NB-IoT and CAT-M technologies.
  • Broadband IoT adopts the capabilities of mobile broadband connectivity, providing much higher data rates and lower latencies than Massive IoT to your connected IoT devices
  • Critical IoT – It addresses extreme low latencies and ultra-high reliability connectivity requirements, powered by 5G NR
  • Industrial Automation IoT – It is tailored for advanced industrial automation applications of global manufacturers

Reports and papers

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New radio access technologies are available specifically targeting the connectivity requirements of Massive Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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Cellular IoT Solutions

Be the first to tap in to new opportunities on the network through our enhanced Cellular IoT offerings, comprising Broadband IoT, Industrial Automation IoT, Critical IoT and enhanced Massive IoT.

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