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Taking on IoT together. Powered by IoT Accelerator.

IoT platform

Ericsson's IoT platform - IoT Accelerator - helps where it’s most helpful: in turning business concepts into realities. It’s a focused, easy-to-use solution providing global connectivity and device management.

IoT Accelerator’s key functionalities

Ericsson IoT Accelerator is a robust solution built to connect and manage billions of devices and millions of applications easily, seamlessly and globally.

Our IoT platform helps your enterprise customers build and scale their cellular IoT efforts faster – growing their business, your business and the IoT ecosystem at large.

Let devices travel the globe

No matter where your devices are, one unified and intuitive connectivity management solution will make it easy to stay in control.

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Billions of things? You’ll manage

Standardization and zero-touch onboarding lets you manage millions of devices efficiently and scale to your needs.

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Take part in our ecosystem

Learn how Ericsson IoT Accelerator helps you build a secure, global ecosystem.

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What cellular IoT made easy means for you


Turn concepts into realities with shorter development times for IoT solutions, fast and simple deployment, and profitable growth at any scale.

Service providers

Scale your IoT business by making it easy for your enterprise customers to connect and manage IoT devices locally and globally.

Ecosystem partners

Faster time to market and seamless integration into any ecosystem, supported by an existing global ecosystem that provides coverage in over 100 countries.

IoT Accelerator - a truly global IoT platform

IoT Accelerator map

IoT Accelerator Platform cases

Grundfos’ Connected Pumps

Driving innovation in water technology with global connectivity delivered from IoT Accelerator, Grundfos can now deliver valuable actionable insights to their customers.

Sprint’s IoT Platform

With Ericsson IoT technology under the hood, this innovative end-to-end solution ushers in a new standard of IoT device and data management.

One belt, one road

Together with China Telecom, we launched a global connection management IoT platform - accelerating the deployment of IoT services. 

IoT Accelerator: Pick and choose to match your needs

Ericsson IoT Accelerator comes with modules for device and connectivity management. You build a solution to match your needs.

Ericsson IoT solutions

Smart Wireless Manufacturing

Step into Industry 4.0 with a fast, stable, secure and simple Industrial IoT solution


When the “things” in IoT mean vehicles, there are high expectations for flexibility, scalability, and security. So we built our Connected Vehicle Cloud solution to rise above them all.


When it comes to building IoT solutions, you need a connection that’s as reliable as you. We lead the way in standardized cellular connectivity—meaning open and secure for everyone, just not everything.

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