IoT device management

From millions to billions – by 2024, there will be an estimated 4 billion devices connected through cellular IoT. Manage your devices and data easily utilizing the current network.

Why choose our device management?

device management

As part of the Ericsson IoT Accelerator, our Device Management solution streamlines all device management activities – from onboarding to scaling.


Ericsson starts with standardization in the bottom device layer. This replicates upward, throughout the value chain, ensuring large quantities of devices and applications communicate seamlessly.

Lifecycle management

IoT Accelerator provides you with full LCM functionality: from the design of an IoT device or solution to the manufacturing process, integration with existing or new applications, delivery and deployment, ongoing management and even the possible retirement of devices.

Clearly, there is great potential for businesses within IoT. When it comes to device management, there are also a few factors that inhibit growth.

Barriers, in short

The sheer volume of connected devices, the time-consuming onboarding and the lack of standards are hindering organizations from realizing the promise of IoT.

Security first

IoT Accelerator Device Management: Overcoming barriers 

From hours to minutes or even to seconds

The standard deployment time for an IoT device today is in the range of minutes or even hours. Ericsson IoT Accelerator can bring this down to seconds, making registration of millions of devices feasible – not utopian.

From headache to heartbeat

Ensuring non-standard data flows are compliant with current standards makes leads to time-consuming work of developing apps on top of the IoT stackIoT applications. Adoption of common standards can reduce this time significantly ­– potentially, down to nothing.

From standout to standard

When it comes to massive deployment of IoT devices, standardization is the way to go. We actively drive it by influencing standards for device development and by ensuring interoperability throughout the stack.

Key functionalities of IoT Accelerator Device Management

Standardization throughout the value chain

Realizing the value of IoT through mass deployment of the ecosystem.

Zero-touch onboarding

Crushing the time spent on onboarding, enabling massive scale.

We work with both chipset and device manufactures to bring open standards into reality, while testing devices for global compatibility in our test centres.

Device and Data Management

Support the open standards and put demands on the device industry.

Device standards

Enroll with our testing platforms today and get future proof.

IoT device ecosystem

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