IoT connectivity management

Make IoT easier for your enterprise customers with connectivity management from Ericsson IoT Accelerator. Give them the power to control and track their IoT devices and networked assets – nationally, regionally or globally – with one unified and intuitive solution.

Why choose our Connectivity Management?

IoT is transforming the way all businesses work and generate revenue. Our latest Ericsson Mobility Report predicts that this transformation will result in over 4 billion IoT devices connected to cellular networks by 2024.

Improved efficiency, reduced costs and new revenues are the benefits most enterprises hope to achieve through IoT. But, reaching these goals is only possible when devices can be easily, safely and cost-effectively connected and managed.

To help your customers exceed their goals and continue to grow, Ericsson IoT Accelerator offers a dedicated connectivity management solution with global scale.

Making IoT easier for service providers

connectivity management

Get started with lower risk with our revenue sharing model

managed connectivity

Provide your customers with solid connectivity management

connectivity ecosystem

Scale your IoT business through our connectivity ecosystem

IoT connectivity management

Reach new customers through inbound IoT opportunities

Key functionalities

Reliable connectivity everywhere

  • SLA driven connectivity
  • Dedicated IoT optimized core network
  • Uniform device management
  • One interface for all device data from all service providers

Integrate once, run everywhere

  • One integration for all service providers
  • Global connectivity enabled
  • Connectivity support as business grows
  • Community of leading service providers

One SIM, one network and global reach

  • One global eUICC
  • Profile swaps, no roaming, eUICC management across service providers
  • Maximum performance and flexibility
  • Full support throughout the device life cycle

One dashboard, complete control

  • One dashboard for all devices with real time diagnostics
  • Control of subscriptions and data plans
  • Easily monitor and manage exceptions
  • Native eUICC ordering

IoT service provider & enterprise references






annual growth of connected devices


increase of onboarded enterprises yearly

IoT service provider & enterprise references

Leaders in automotive and transport

IoT Accelerator offers unified global connectivity, supporting 4.3 million active connections for our automotive OEM and commercial fleet partners. That makes us the world's leading IoT connectivity management provider for the automotive and transport segments.

Muscles to handle high traffic

With our support, telecom service providers can better target automotive, transportation, logistic and industrial enterprises – the segments which consume the most traffic and generate the most revenue for our telecom operator partners.

A door opener to utilities

We provide utility companies with connectivity management for millions of smart devices. With more smart meters and mission-critical devices to connect every day, utilities are a lucrative segment for communication service providers.

IoT Accelerator makes global connectivity easy

From production to shipping, warehousing and showroom presentation – right through to final delivery – a product's journey today is global. With Ericsson IoT Accelerator, you'll get a connectivity solution to match, keeping you on track of your goods all the way.

1. Car production

  • Procure single SKU eUICC through portal
  • A single MNO vendor
  • Factory testing of connectivity

2. Shipping

  • eUICC could be selected in on or off status
  • Opportunity to monitor car if needed

3. Warehousing

  • eUICC could be selected in on or off status
  • No need to pay for connectivity
  • Possibility to test connectivity under local conditions

4. Showroom presentation

  • Turn on connectivity to showcase features
  • Connectivity payment terms negotiated between MNO and OEM
  • Option for automatic configuration for SIM profile


5. Delivery to consumers

  • During distribution chain, OEM pays for connectivity with negotiated terms with MNO

Reference Cases

Over 30 telecom service providers and over 3500 enterprises – across a wide variety of industries – are using the connectivity management capabilities of Ericsson IoT Accelerator. Here are a few of the leading communication service providers who have partnered with us.

Orange Business Services

Coveted car brand, Borgward, uses Orange connectivity management to revolutionize its entry into new regions and offer global connected car services.

Grundfos’ Connected Pumps

Driving innovation in water technology with global connectivity delivered from IoT Accelerator, Grundfos can now deliver valuable actionable insights to their customers.

Partnerships for IoT healthcare

Delivering a global connectivity solution requires an ecosystem of operator and enterprise partners

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