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In this podcast, Behdad Banian, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Business Area Technologies and New Businesses at Ericsson, sits down with key IoT industry leaders to explore insights into their IoT journey.

During our talks, key IoT industry leaders address their view on IoT, the challenges and successes in IoT they have faced and they share their vision of the future based on real, hands-on experience.

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Quantifying Industry 4.0 value for factories and warehouses

Industry 4.0 is happening and 4G/5G is the world's largest innovation platform that will enable this transformation. But how fast should factories and warehouse owners act to realize ROI and what is the real cost of inaction? A new report from ABI Research, commissioned by Ericsson, describes a potential gross margin boost of 5% to 13% over 5 years for factories and warehouses that move to private cellular networks. 

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Kiva Allgood

As Head of IoT at Ericsson, Kiva is responsible for scaling Ericsson’s IoT offerings and building strategic partnerships for connectivity across industries. Kiva is a mom, wife, sister, tech lover, innovator and award-winning entrepreneur. With more than 20 years of experience in IoT, scaling connectivity, smart cities and startups, Kiva brings a strong track record from supporting high-growth organizations in innovation and digital transformation.

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Jens Erler

Jens Erler is IoT Client Principal at Ericsson, Market Area Europe and Latin America. He is an expert in digital industry transformation and business model innovation and has 25 years of experience working with different industries. Before joining Ericsson's IoT organization, he was Head of Ericsson's Energy Practice in Western & Central Europe.

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Erik Josefsson

As Ericsson’s Head of Advanced Industries, Erik Josefsson leads the company’s global Industrial IoT & 5G offerings for the manufacturing and process industries. Erik’s work focuses on the edge of industrial digitalization with 5G, IoT and Artificial Intelligence for factories, warehouses and mines. Erik’s team explores how industries can transform 5G/IoT, what comes after Industry 4.0, the LTE path to 5G, industrial ecosystems and strategic partnerships.

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Claes Herlitz

Claes Herlitz is Vice President and Head of Global Automotive Services at Ericsson, working at the crossroads where communications, transport and logistics meet. Prior to joining Ericsson in 2011, Claes served as CIO with transport group Nobina and CTO at communications service provider Telia. Drawing on this experience, Claes is currently focused on providing end-to-end IoT solutions to the automotive, transport and logistics industries.

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