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IoT Platform: Connect anything, anywhere

Connect anything. Anywhere.

Scale your global connected business with Ericsson

Imagine a world where everything is connected. Secure. Reliable. Borderless coverage. Where you can manage and scale your business effortlessly. Imagine an IoT platform that enables you to optimize and maintain your assets without limit. Decrease fuel or energy costs, while improving customer experience. Lower carbon emissions, while unlocking new revenue streams and increasing speed to market. If you had the opportunity, how would you evolve your business?

The leading platform in cellular IoT

Borderless coverage

1. Borderless coverage

Putting the whole world in reach

Combining indoor and outdoor penetration with genuinely global coverage that moves easily across sectors and devices.

High performance

2. High performance

A platform to out-perform

Build on high-speed, low-latency technology with unparalleled positioning capabilities.

Built-in security

3. Built-in security

Offering protection without restriction

Licensed spectrum couples security with control.

Uncompromising reliability

4. Uncompromising reliability

Outstanding predictability

Reliability that doesn’t waver, even during surges and peaks.

Seamless control

5. Seamless control

Managing the whole without holes

With total and transparent visibility across the entire product lifecycle.

Unrivalled scalability

6. Unrivalled scalability

Powering growth on demand

Through the ability to scale on the spot, sparked by the exponential potential of new connections.

Our portfolio

Ericsson IoT Accelerator

Ericsson IoT Accelerator is an award winning, easy-to-use, reliable, and secure IoT platform that empowers enterprises globally to scale their IoT business from a single platform.


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Connected Vehicle Cloud

Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud caters to the global automotive industry's need for scalability, security and flexibility when connecting products and services.

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