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IoT platform: The secret to scaling your connected business globally

The growing importance of global connectivity means you need a reliable and secure IoT platform. Ours enables you to easily deploy, manage and scale your global IoT business, while increasing speed to market. With our dedicated core network coupled with reliable and secure global cellular coverage, we can ensure your business is future proof, and has complete visibility and control across the entire lifespan of all your connected assets.


Accelerate your possibilities

At Ericsson, we support enterprises in facing the many challenges of digital transformation – such as connecting a product to the cellular network or creating a new connected service. Our services allow enterprises to lower their costs, maintain device visibility, speed up time to market, while maintaining high security. We believe that every enterprise should feel empowered to overcome these obstacles and make their IoT idea a reality.

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Features & benefits

What our IoT platform offers enterprises

Coverage that’s reliable and global

Global network coverage is now easier to gain. We’re trusted by thousands of enterprises across the world to deliver reliable solutions, services, and support that are tailored to their needs.

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Scale your business quickly and cost-efficiently

Rapidly scale your business and speed up innovation without upfront investments. Enterprises can scale quickly and cost-efficiently, while only paying for the number of devices you're working with. Thanks to our cloud solution, there is no need to worry about running and maintaining the platform.

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Security that’s built-in, not built on

In today’s fragmented ecosystem of standards, devices and services, reliable security mechanisms are vital. Our IoT platform has security that’s built-in from the ground up, not just bolted on. That means we can operate a high-security IoT service, that ensures full confidentiality and data privacy of your connected devices.

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

The increasing access to high-resolution IoT-enabled data is allowing enterprises to tap into recurring revenue streams. Enterprises can now gain a full view of their connected devices after deployment, creating the opportunity to build long-term relationships with their customers. 

Our portfolio

IoT Accelerator

Ericsson IoT Accelerator is an award winning, easy-to-use, reliable, and secure IoT platform that empowers enterprises globally to scale their IoT business from a single platform.

Connected Vehicle Cloud

Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud caters to the global automotive industry's need for scalability, security and flexibility when connecting products and services.

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 IoT service provider partners around the world

Explore our global community of leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs) offering IoT connectivity management services around the world, based on the Ericsson IoT Accelerator platform. With a combined footprint covering over 100 countries, our CSP partners can address the global IoT connectivity needs of any enterprise anywhere.

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