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Let's turn your IoT concepts into solutions

Our total IoT solutions are built on two pillars - one being our unparalleled expertise in security and connectivity, and the other being our IoT Accelerator platform. The former ensures your ecosystem has secure and reliable connectivity, while the latter-built and billed as aaS-enables you to set-up and scale your business quickly and smoothly. All so you can get a head-start building a winning, collaborative IoT ecosystem.

Our IoT solutions

Our total solutions help you create real business value quicker. So whether if it’s connecting cars, trains, or an entire fleet, we have the expertise to drive your business forward in IoT security and connectivity. 

IoT platform

Our IoT platform is called Accelerator for a reason. With features like built-in connectivity and zero-touch onboarding, you'll turn good concepts into delivering on the goods in no time.

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When it comes to building IoT solutions, you need a connection that's as reliable as you. We lead the way in standardized cellular connectivity-meaning open and secure for everyone, just not everything.

Off the shelf solutions

To help operators move quickly, Ericsson offers off the shelf IoT solutions - custom fit for all your customers.

Automotive IoT

When the "things" in IoT mean vehicles, there are high expectations for flexibility, scalability, and security. So we built our Connected Vehicle Cloud solution to rise above them all.

Why choose Ericsson IoT?

Our IoT solutions are based on the IoT Accelerator Platform – an offering we built to help you turn your IoT concepts into a reality in no time. And with our expertise in cellular technology, you’ll be sure to have best-in-class connectivity and IoT security, too.

The Ericsson IoT advantage

Building to scale

With our aaS solutions, you can scale your IoT solutions easily.

Moving fast

Our end-to-end solutions reduce time-to-market.

Determined to collaborate

Collaboration is at the core of our ecosystem.

IoT success stories

The road to the Cloud

With this IoT use case we’re helping one of America’s fastest growing cities manage their traffic growth while also increasing driver safety.

Smarter growing with IoT

Growing populations require growing food smarter. Our E-Kakashi project brings more gray matter to the greenhouses.

Built with Massive IoT opportunities

In China, we connected the world's first IoT factory-automating and streamlining production, showing the benefits that Massive IoT are worth investing in.

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