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Take the wheel of automotive transport

Our services allow automakers and fleet owners to develop, deploy, secure and manage connected vehicle services worldwide.

CARE - Four megatrends for connected transport

The automotive and transport industries are rapidly evolving. As you meet new challenges and new opportunities, we provide everything you need to build, integrate, manage and monetize your connected vehicle ecosystem.

From in-vehicle telematics and infotainment offerings to multimodal transport solutions, V2E communication and vehicle automation, we help you stay ahead of the curve. Let us help you navigate the connected vehicle landscape.


Connected vehicles sit at the center of transport ecosystem


Self-driving vehicles are changing our cities and societies


Business models are being redrawn, now’s your chance to act


Cleaner energy leads to cleaner transport and cleaner cities

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Capture the value in IoT

We're mapping out IoT value for those ready to act - Starting with our Connected Vehicle handbook. With a market potential of 69 USD bn, it's time to turn strategy into reality.

Capture the value in IoT

Connected Vehicle Solutions

Services to quickly achieve current goals, and strategies to keep moving forward.

Connected Vehicle Cloud

Bring together vehicles, drivers, passengers and infrastructure at a global scale

Connect Vehicle Marketplace

Customize your in-vehicle offerings with telematics, infotainment and more

Connected Fleet

Build stronger fleets of rental, car-sharing and commercial vehicles

Automotive IoT just got real. The Ericsson Digital Car Key is transforming the car owning experience. See our digital car key in action.

Learn more about the digital car key

Connected vehicles are changing more than just travel Ericsson's Connected Vehicle Cloud provides global scalability, security and flexibility. Experience Ericsson's approach to the connected car.

Automotive cases

Volvo connected cars

Volvo connected cars make life safer, more efficient and more entertaining.

LYNK & CO delivers

Born digital, LYNK & CO delivers a car that is always connected to create a new automobile experience.

Scania pioneers

Scania pioneers platooning with vehicle to vehicle communication to improve fleet efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.

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