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New handbook | Real-time Automation

A communication service provider’s handbook: addressing the opportunities, challenges and paths forward for real-time automation in industrial IoT.

In a landscape of changing regulations, smart sensors and the networks supporting them are rapidly advancing real-time automation in the IoT ecosystem.

This handbook presents various revenue potentials for real-time automation across different industry verticals.

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Report | Exploring IoT Strategies

This in-depth report shares insights on how telecom service providers identify paths to new revenue and maximize their opportunities within the IoT landscape.

Report | Realizing IoT Strategies

Which strategies have been succeeding in IoT and 5G? We’ve looked at leading service providers, identifying their ways of monetizing data, executing strategy and tapping into cross-industry and vertical-specific opportunities.

Report | Developing viable IoT business models

Organizations are bustling to stake their claims in the new IoT frontier – use the information from our report to chart your IoT success.

IoT at Ericsson

Blog | Develop an IoT strategy that sticks

Are you throwing IoT at the wall like spaghetti, to see what sticks? Warren Chaisatien propose alternatives - to move IoT from concept to reality.

Blog | Telecom operators in pole position as enterprises embrace IoT

Warren Chaisatien looks at the challenges and opportunities facing telecom operators as they find their place in the global digitalization ecosystem.

Blog | How to monetize IoT – patterns and models

IoT monetization strategies needs to be agile. Rajshree Char defines how service providers and enterprises can build a monetization model for success with IoT.

Sprint’s IoT Platform

With Ericsson IoT technology under the hood, this innovative end-to-end solution ushers in a new standard of IoT device and data management.

We've got the X-Factory: Ericsson smart factories

Three Ericsson factories in Sweden, Estonia and China are fast-tracking the introduction of a new generation of smart manufacturing using 5G, IoT and augmented reality.

Cellular networks for industrial IoT connectivity

In Industry 4.0 manufacturers large and small will rely on cellular networks. Erik Josefsson explains why cellular makes sense for IoT.

Who are your future customers?

Find out what the most important use cases for 5G might be across 10 industries.

Automotive IoT at Ericsson

Download the Connected Vehicles handbook

We’ve analyzed the biggest challenges CSPs face when it comes to connected vehicles. Learn about the go-to-market challenges, let the USD 69 billion revenue potential speak for itself.

The Connected Vehicle Ecosystem

Success in the connected vehicle ecosystem requires a diverse set of skills. Learn how Ericsson Connected Vehicle Solutions bring together all the necessary players. 

Self-Driving Vehicles

Advanced Driver Support Systems (ADAS) will soon make our roads much safer. Here’s quick look at the technology and services that are making self-driving cars a reality.

Software Defined Cars

The way cars are built and sold is being redefined. What are the possibilities of cars that evolve with each new update?

Data security for connected cars

As connected cars services expand and autonomous cars become a reality, ensuring secure data flow becomes more important, and more difficult.

Webinar | Looking under the hood of automotive IoT

Magnus Gunnarsson takes a look at today’s connected vehicles, and how the relationship between people and cars is changing.

End-to-end auto industry transformation

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly. Here’s how automakers can take in the fast lane to the future of transport.

Mobile transformation in the automotive industry

Make your mobile transformation easier with this guide to success, based on years of innovation in the connected automotive industry.

IoT webinars and reports

Webinar | IoT data monetization

Want to realize your IoT and 5G data monetization strategies? Join us for this webinar where our experts bring IoT from vision to reality, uncovering insights from leading CSPs. Now on-demand!

Webinar | Mapping out IoT value for CSPs

How will you capture IoT’s maximum business potential?
Learn from hundreds of real-life use cases and industry analysis to determine your best path to maximize IoT value.

Handbooks | IoT use case clusters

IoT connects 5.7 million devices every day and promises additional revenue potential of up to 36%. But how do CSPs get in on this? Our clusters are here to prepare you for action and our handbook series offers numerous helpful tips.

Report | Cellular networks for massive IoT

Cost-effective connectivity will drive the growth of IoT. Discover the impact on capacity when upgrading a network to support a massive IoT traffic scenario.

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