Research on strategies to monetize IoT

Exploring IoT strategies

CSPs are already the trusted stewards of a lot of data considered valuable across industries and organizations. With the rise of 5G and IoT, their ability to monetize the IoT will continue to skyrocket in both size and value.

In interaction with communication service providers, who lead by example, we set out to research and document opportunities and possibilities in IoT. Connectivity, manageability and security are important for successful deployments, and current networks already have these embedded - so where to start?

The result is three reports, each focusing on a major task ahead for many CSPs:

  • Exploring strategies to achieve new capabilities
  • To realize these capabilities; we identified roles CSPs can choose to pursue
  • Finding viable business models to monetize the IoT


Explore IoT strategies - Multiple paths to revenues

Based on research and interviews with 20 of the top IoT and communications service providers around the world, we’ve identified the four major roles for organizations to pursue successful IoT initiatives in our Exploring IoT strategies report.

Depending upon their target market segments, communications service providers (CSPs) can also take on multiple positionings at the same time. The main roles for operators today are the Network Provider and the Connectivity Provider. However, most IoT value will be realized higher in the value chain, where CSPs can pursue becoming Service Enablers or Service Creator.

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Exploring IoT strategies

Realize your IoT strategies - Eight dimensions to consider

Our newest report, Realizing IoT strategies, expands on the results of communications service providers’ different IoT and 5G strategies and also identifies opportunities to achieve new capabilities and execute ways to monetize services.

CSPs are uniquely positioned to tap into burgeoning business opportunities that will emerge from 5G and IoT. This report provides three in-depth case studies that capture the state of strategy execution in this space. We present a framework to help execute a holistic, strategic approach, ways to derive monetization value and case studies to leverage business opportunities in cross-industry or vertical-specific approaches.

With the sheer volume of data generated by the Internet of Things, CSPs are in an excellent position to help customers analyze vast amounts of information and quickly turn it in to actionable business intelligence. Unique to this report are the four main data monetization plays identified for CSPs. Whatever paths they choose for realizing IoT success, CSPs will also need to overcome gaps in capabilities and mitigate risk through savvy partnerships or embracing an ecosystem model to go to market.

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Realizing IoT strategies

Business models - Four steps to IoT business modeling

The Developing viable IoT business models report shares the actions that telecom service providers can take to create successful business opportunities, evaluate new applications and maximize efficiency within the growing IoT landscape. 

We provide the common links across a successful IoT ecosystem, opportunities from 5G and other new factors that will impact future planning, as well as the best approach to support business models in a landscape growing in scope and complexity. Use the information from our report to chart your IoT success.

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IoT business models

IoT handbooks and cases

Handbooks | IoT use case clusters

IoT connects 5.7 million devices every day and promises additional revenue potential of up to 36%. But how do CSPs get in on this? Our clusters are here to prepare you for action and our handbook series offers numerous helpful tips.

Grundfos’ Connected Pumps

Driving innovation in water technology with global connectivity delivered from IoT Accelerator, Grundfos can now deliver valuable actionable insights to their customers.

Sprint’s IoT Platform

With Ericsson IoT technology under the hood, this innovative end-to-end solution ushers in a new standard of IoT device and data management.

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