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Mobile transformation in auto industry

Six principles for mobile transformation

A guide for the rapidly-evolving automotive industry

The desire to offer superior connected vehicles demands that vehicle manufacturers change more than the design of their products; they must transform their business models. To help define the factors driving that transformation and provide a roadmap for success, we drew on decades of experience working with telecom operators as they went through a similar shift. As a support for the automotive industry, this expertise is summarized in our Six Principles for Mobile Transformation.

These Principles are a guide for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators to:

  • See what the automotive industry can learn from telecom operators
  • Learn more about what sets leading automakers in the connected vehicle space apart from the rest
  • Know the foundation driving business transformation success for our partners Scania, Volvo and Lynk & Co

Principle #1

They come for the services, they stay for the ecosystem

Monetization provides strong incentive for all partners to maintain a vibrant ecosystem. Provide partners ways make money and they will have a shared interest in keeping that ecosystem active and valuable, for both you and your users.

Principle #2

Always develop with a future proof mindset

Don’t let today’s solutions prevent tomorrow’s success. A great connected car solution is open-ended, meaning it won't lock you out of technologies, business models and service areas. It should be ready for 5G and a new world of possibilities.

Principle #3

Be prepared to scale, scale, scale

Demand for services will require scalability in multiple ways. You need a solution that can quickly provide all the services your users want. It should also allow you to continuously and cost-efficiently scale your offering, through swift integration of new service providers across diverse geographic regions.

Principle #4

Remember that your customers are already connected

They are not going to wait until you're ready to get services that improve their driving experience. Leverage the real-time data that your vehicles generate, while protecting user integrity, to differentiate your offering with unique services targeting your users.

Principle #5

Mobility requires a new security mindset

Security cannot be an afterthought. As vehicles become constantly connected, security needs to be integrated into the foundation of your solution. Build end-to-end security processes into your solution to create the most valuable asset a connected vehicle can offer – trust.

Principle #6

Don’t take mobile connectivity for granted

A bad connection makes even the best service useless. Connection quality is influenced by variables like geography, weather conditions and regional regulations, which have a significant effect on user experiences. Choose a partner that can help you deliver superior services, wherever needed.

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