Automated Network Operations

Digitalization is undoubtedly one of our times most significant forces of change. New technologies, such as the SDN/NFV, artificial intelligence, 5G, and IoT bring a transformative impact across most businesses and industries. Digitalization plays a dual role as it redefines ways of working and core offerings and at the same time accelerates demand for what the industry produces.

As you introduce virtualized and software-defined infrastructure, and prepare to expand business in the digital economy, automation is essential to re-scale and re-purpose your operations. Begin your journey to closed-loop, zero-touch operations and orchestration based on real-time data analytics.

Ericsson Automated Network Operations is the portfolio of offerings that lifts the world of telecom OSS to a completely new level. Our end-to-end portfolio enables superior network performance and scaling across physical and virtual resources, as well as simplifying the way networks are run in terms of time and efforts required. Our unique analytics applications allow you to leverage untapped data into actionable insights and real-time decisions, ensuring a superior customer experience.

Ericsson’s extensive expertise in systems integration and service delivery will make sure to put your solutions in operation according to your specific needs, drawing benefits from running the world’s largest OSS installed base. Our leading position in mobile services and infrastructure moving into 5G comes embedded in the management, analytics, control and orchestration capabilities our portfolio provides. Check it out by drilling down in below offering pages!

Our range of products

Answers the call for more dynamic management of information and technology in converged ICT networks.

Analytics and Assurance

Holistic approach to understanding how networks are performing and evaluation of customer experience.

Network Management

Strategy for managing information and technology in telecom operators with new generation of management.