CENX Service Assurance

Lead service assurance for the digital age with end-to-end service visibility. 

CENX Service Assurance allows you to see service topology, inventory, fault, and performance from all your disparate systems, correlated into a single view.  With this insight, operators can optimize hybrid communications networks and achieve closed loop automation.  Thus operators can deliver next generation services quickly, launch new business models and support new technologies – such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Self-organizing Networks (SON), and 5G and Iot –  cost effectively.


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CENX Service Assurance system ingests, audits, and contextualizes all of a network’s big data to provide a comprehensive, abstracted view of what’s most important about a company’s service and network operations. It not only allows operators to visualize complex multi-dimensional topologies but also analyzes, automates, and assures services across multiple domains - physical, virtual and hybrid.

The CENX Service Assurance fundamentally changes the way service providers work with their networks by providing actionable visibility of the entire network in near real-time, generating closed loop triggers, performing inventory and fault correlation augmented with TCA (Threshold Crossover Alert) analysis on performance data from disparate systems. It opens up whole new set of leading-edge enterprise use cases in the 5G domain.

CENX Service Assurance empowers network and service operation centers with sophisticated real-time and historical analytics, comprehensive visualization, real-time operations, and closed-loop automation capabilities.

Visualize services across multi-domain, multi-vendor, and inter-carrier networks. Troubleshoot fault and manage performance in real time across physical and virtual network infrastructure in the same solution. Leverage your current OSS, NMS, and other IT systems. Take full advantage of NFV, SDN, and emerging technologies with CENX Service Assurance.

CENX Service Assurance simplifies, helps visualize, analyse and automate the end to end network for service providers allowing them to take full advantage of emerging technologies, across multi-domain, multi-vendor, inter-carrier networks.

Differentiate based on assured service quality of experience, put a customer- and service-centric solution at the center of your service operations and drive business transformation. Accelerate SLA penalty capture with access vendors and other partners.

Consider CENX Service Assurance if you want to improve:

  • Operational efficiency - Significantly reduce operational cost, MTTR and increase Automation footprint by analyzing complex topology, infrastructure, and fault together in near real-time. Maintain hybrid topology and provide actionable visibility of the entire network, performing inventory and fault correlation augmented with TCA analysis on performance data from disparate systems. Simplify and streamline operations through work flow orchestration, reduce opex by automating costly, error prone, manual processes.
  • Open up Partner Eco System - Opening up an operator partner ecosystem and enabling new businesses through closed loop automation. Provide better customer experience and enhanced agility through real-time service assurance. Enable End-to-end service orchestration and monetization on a hybrid network for large enterprises with multiple global locations.
  • Monetization and Faster time to Market - Get easily engaged with new enterprise service partnership. Monetize based on improved customer transparency and SLA monitoring. Reduce penalty and maximize profits. Achieve faster time to market with new, more agile services fully wrapped in an assurance solution.
  • Analytics and Closed loop triggers - Search and browse ~1,000,000+ network entities in near real-time. Process ~3,000,000,000 analytics metrics a day. Introduce Policy defined thresholds and SLA management for closed loop actions. Make use of next generation features such as Pattern co-relation and augmentation for anomaly detection.

See how CENX Service Assurance fits into our service automation and orchestration solution, Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration.