Expert Analytics

Improve customer experiences and drive new revenue with a real-time, end-to-end telecom analytics solution that offers unique insights and closed-loop actions.

What is Ericsson Expert Analytics? Why Use Ericsson Expert Analytics? Ericsson Expert Analytics Overview

Ericsson Expert Analytics (EEA) is a real-time, multi-vendor, cross-domain, big data analytics solution that is tailored for telecom. EEA measures perceived customer experience for each individual customer based on correlated metrics and events from network nodes, probes, devices, OSS/BSS and other sources. EEA allows operators to predict, prioritize and resolve customer impacting events, as well as to retain and upsell customers based on customer experience and customer behaviour profiles.

Expert Analytics supports a wide range of services, including challenging new services such as VoLTE and VoWiFi. It is 5G ready and has support for the most challenging scenarios, including encrypted OTT traffic.

Ericsson Expert Analytics comes ready to address a broad range of telecom use cases. It leverages Ericsson’s vast telco domain knowledge and experience, providing a toolset that helps operators meet changing business and consumer demands. By converting data to insights, and – through integration with our leading OSS/BSS portfolio – converting insights to actions, Ericsson Expert Analytics, combined with related consulting and implementation services, delivers significant impact in key areas:

  • Marketing - Measure subjective customer experience and predict net promotor score for every customer. Use machine intelligence to identify churn risk, upsell potential, and support needs. Automatically deliver targeted offers that drive retention, satisfaction and ARPU.
  • Customer Care - When the customer calls, already know the symptoms, most probable cause, and resolution status, in order to deliver a more satisfying care experience, with higher first call resolution and shorter call handling time.
  • Operations - Identify customer impacting events in real time. Prioritize based on scope and importance of impact. Automatically identify the most probable cause and trigger the next best action (policy, configuration, trouble ticket, etc.) in order to improve the customer experience for the most customers in real time.
  • Planning - Enhance network investment decisions based on knowledge of which upgrades will most impact the perceived customer experience of the most important customers.
  • RAN Analytics - Leverage fast, visual explorative analytics for large sets of detailed RAN data, guided by machine intelligence, in order to support 24/7 RAN optimization.
  • Monetization - Support new business models with partners based on anonymized customer data and insights.

Ericsson Expert Analytics can make big data analytics investments produce big dividends, empowering the service provider with the knowledge of how to delight customers and efficiently deliver a superior experience. Consider Ericsson Expert Analytics as your big data analytics solution if you want to:

  • Improve subscriber retention. Better customer experiences result in happy subscribers who won’t want to leave for another provider.
  • Increase in revenues. Encourage use of new services when subscribers are most likely to react, driving new revenue streams.
  • Enhance customer care. Shorter call durations, faster trouble resolution and proactive attention to usage issues give subscribers the experience they deserve.
  • Optimize operations. Reduce average handling time and trouble ticket bounce back.
  • Boost Net Promoter Scores. Make improvements and take actions that will make subscribers want to spread the word about their experiences.

Operators are under increasing pressure to deliver customer experiences that drive revenue growth and keep subscribers happy. Big data analytics tools have great promise, but fully leveraging insights exactly when they can be most impactful has proved a challenge. Operators have also had difficulty adapting generic big data solutions for their specific needs.

With Ericsson Expert Analytics (EEA), operators can obtain actionable customer experience and behaviour insights in real-time from cross-domain, multivendor big data. Leveraging Ericsson’s domain expertise, combined with insights from machine learning, EEA can automatically drive decisions and actions that fix problems, mitigate churn, enhance ARPU, improve NPS and delight customers.