Services and their supporting infrastructure, both network and IT, are quickly becoming more real-time oriented, driven by customers’ preferences for innovation, excitement and speed, and the need to meet or exceed those expectations with increased agility and lower cost structures. Orchestration answers the call for more dynamic management of information and technology in converged ICT networks. It provides a unified orchestration framework supporting service and resource through their lifecycle ‒ from planning to fulfillment to closed-loop assurance.

Whether traditional fixed and mobile broadband services or cloud-enabled virtual functions, full-scale automation is delivered across catalog-driven order management, inventory and cloud management, and multivendor configuration/activation of network and customer orders.  Out-of-the box solutions for VoLTE, Ethernet and SD-WAN help operators accelerate the transformation with fast system deployment and less integration cost.

Use Your Resources Efficiently to Provide a Differentiated Experience

In today’s information-driven marketplace, gaining a competitive edge takes a new level of agility that can only be reached through a more dynamic approach to managing the service and the resource upon which they depend.  Choose Ericsson’s Orchestration solutions for unsurpassed flexibility, automation, usability and openness.

Our range of products
Ericsson Orchestrator

Automates the allocation of workloads for VNFs and PNFs among cloud infrastructure resources.

Dynamic Orchestration

Leverages the power of SDN and NFV to virtualize their networks and make them programmable and flexible.

Adaptive Inventory

Visibility of network, service and application resources for service rollouts and network efficiencies.

Dynamic Activation

Allows respons in real time to all network and service activation requests on a single platform.

Cloud Manager

Uses the cloud as a source of operational efficiency and service innovation with Ericsson Cloud Manager.

Ericsson Cloud Deployment Engine

Accelerates the onboarding and validation of multivendor Products and Services reducing their time to market (TTM).Service...