Ericsson Cloud Deployment Engine

Accelerates the onboarding and validation of multivendor Products and Services reducing their time to market (TTM).

Service providers today are leveraging the power of SDN and NFV to virtualize their networks and make them programmable and flexible. Physical Network Functions (PNF) are being replaced by or complemented with Virtual Network Functions (VNF) that can run in the cloud. They may be sitting close to the customer, decentralized, or in a centralized cloud, which may depend on the requirements and characteristics of the specific VNF.

In order for CSP’s to capitalize on the opportunities presented by SDN and NFV, reducing the opportunities time to market (TTM) is a critical enabler.

The challenge for CSP's is to leverage the increasing number Vendor's and their increasing number of functions, along with the higher frequency they are delivered to CSP's for deployment into production.

There is a strong need for a highly automated multivendor continuous deployment platform, that can manage the onboarding, validation and certification of Network Services that comprise of VNF,CNF,PNF & NFVi.

Key features include:

  • Multivendor ingress platform for all vendors to reduce the footprint each vendor requires on CSP Landscape.
  • Pipeline Orchestration to automate the lifecycle stages
  • Self-Service Vendor and Administrator Web Portals for VNF onboarding, validation, and administration allowing the CSP to easily configure and operate complex automated workflows.
  • Test Management including archiving and tracking of artifacts, validation artifacts, and test configuration management artifacts ensuring the integrity of the VNF onboarding and validation processes.
  • Integration with the Ericsson Orchestrator (EO) allowing for NF onboarding to the cloud environment and orchestration of network services in the validation process.
  • Integration with industry leading test tools to provide robust validation capabilities.
  • Extensibility through custom adapters allowing the platform to be flexible in integration with the CSP environment.