Diameter Signaling Controller

The growing volume of Diameter signaling is driven by the deployment of 4G broadband, voice and policy control solutions. Many operators are now deploying Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller in cloud centers and thus ensuring that their subscribers get maximum LTE and VoLTE.

The Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller meets the high requirements demanded by control signaling products in terms of in-service performance and scalability, and can be used as:

  • Diameter Agent – routing of signaling messages between nodes in a network, i.e. an aggregation and policing point reducing costs and providing an end-to-end view
  • Diameter Edge Agent – routing of signaling messages between operators' networks and providing Diameter firewall and security functions, as well as improving network security by collecting and presenting security related information from roaming interfaces
  • Diameter Routing Agent – routing of signaling messages for policy control and charging, i.e. ensuring that the load is evenly distributed and that messages pertaining to a specific session are routed to the same server node
  • Unified Signaling Firewall - Protecting the network from malicious diameter signals. Support for stateful cat.3 SS7 is also available.

Certified Diameter signaling integration expertise

The Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller is complemented with a range of Ericsson services, which are delivered by certified consultants with long experience from systems integration and technical support. This caters for a truly future-proof signaling network that can be deployed without disturbances and evolve towards a unified signaling architecture for all network elements.

Customer references

The Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller has been sold to more than 120 operators in just five years' time and it is used in commercial operation both as a native and virtual node. The capabilities and performance of the product, coupled with Ericsson's end-to-end understanding of telecom networks and long-term commitment to support and further develop signaling products, have made Ericsson the fastest growing signaling vendor in the market.

Demonstrations of the Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller can be arranged remotely or on local premises. Please, contact your local Ericsson sales representative for further information.