Signaling Controller

The Signaling Controller is part of Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Cloud Core offering, delivering cloud-native applications that support Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and 5G Core 3GPP architectures.

The HTTP signaling delivered by Ericsson Signalling Controller is being driven by the adoption of  5G Core services.  It provides a complete cloud-native solution for all Diameter and HTTP signaling needs and, among other things, contains the world's first Service Communication Proxy (see below). Performance  is estimated to be at six  nines (999.999 percent).

Ericsson’s Signaling Controller can be used as a:

Service  Communication Proxy — takes care of the HTTP protocol harmonization, overload handling, and topology simplification, providing a centralized signaling monitoring tool. This function is included in the initial release and belongs to the Service Proxy Function base  package.

Binding Support Function — correlates the data from the packet session and the application service and directs the application function to the right Policy Control Function (PCF). Typical application services include Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and IoT. This function belongs to the Binding Function base package.

Security Edge Protection Proxy — enables 5G roaming and provides security for connections between operator networks. This function belongs to the Roaming Function base package.

Diameter Agent — routes signaling messages between nodes in a network,  ensuring an aggregation and policing point that reduces costs and provides an end-to-end view. This function belongs to the Service Proxy Function base package.

Diameter Edge Agent — routes signaling messages between operator networks, provides Diameter firewall and security functions, and improves network security by collecting and presenting security-related information from roaming interfaces. This function belongs to the Roaming Function base package.

Diameter Routing Agent — routes signaling messages for policy control and charging, ensuring that loads are evenly distributed and that messages pertaining to a specific session are routed to the same server node. This function belongs to the Binding Function base package.

Unified Signaling Firewall — protects the network from malicious diameter signals, supporting SS7, Diameter, and HTTP.

Certified HTTP signaling integration expertise
The Ericsson Signaling Controller is complemented with a range of Ericsson services.
We analyze the most optimal migration strategy for  your enterprise customers, considering infrastructure reuse and short lead times. This caters to   a future-proof signaling network that can be deployed without disturbance in the most cost-efficient way —all delivered by certified Ericsson experts.

Demonstrations of the Ericsson Signaling Controller can be arranged remotely or locally. Contact your local Ericsson sales representative to take the next step in signaling.