Cloud VoLTE and Evolved Communication

Ericsson's offering for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) allows operators to offer high quality communication services using all-IP technology over LTE based mobile broadband. VoLTE enables a modern communications experience to users including services like HD voice, HD+ voice (EVS), video calling, IP messaging, content sharing within calls, voice for IoT (Cat-M1) and new service innovations. These services work for any device types that support the technology; smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, wearables and Cat-M1 IoT devices.

The Ericsson Cloud VoLTE and Evolved Communication offering provides operators with a complete solution to evolve their voice and SMS business towards an all-IP communications network. This is achieved by evolving the installed base of CS core networks towards IMS core networks. In addition to ordinary mobile telephony services, Ericsson’s Cloud VoLTE offering also supports value added services such as: HD voice, HD+ voice (EVS), video calling, Wi-Fi calling, multi-device, multi-SIM, enriched calling services and voice support for IoT devices (Cat-M1). 

Ericsson provides products and services for an end-to-end VoLTE network for service providers, including IMS, Evolved Packet Core (EPC), LTE-RAN, Subscriber Data Management, OSS/BSS and system integration services. The Ericsson IMS solution is fully optimized for cloud deployment, agnostic to the underlying infrastructure for both media and control plane, and includes critical automation to simplify creation and maintenance of end-user services.

Ericsson offers industrialized VoLTE solutions called Ericsson Fast VoLTE Launch and Ericsson Cloud VoLTE which include a complete software package, industrialized delivery process, and specialized deployment team to provide VoLTE and also Wi-Fi calling service in a service provider network. The industrialized IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solutions includes virtual Mobile Telephony Application Server (vMTAS), virtual Session Border Controller (vSBC), virtual Call Session Control Function (vCSCF), virtual Media Resource Function (vMRF),  virtual IPWorks, virtual Application Federation Gateway, (vAFG), and virtual Ericsson Dynamic Activation (vEDA). Ericsson Fast VoLTE Launch delivers this solution with a full stack appliance including Ericsson BSP 8100 telecom grade hardware and the OpenStack-based virtual infrastructure manager Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment. Ericsson Cloud VoLTE delivers this solution onto cloud data centers based on either Ericsson NFVi, RHOSP, or VMware.

In order to handle a smooth evolution from circuit switched voice to VoLTE as well as situations of non-ubiquitous LTE coverage, Ericsson’s offering supports a full set of complementing accesses including both 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi. Seamless handover of calls between LTE and Wi-Fi through packet handover, as well as 2G/3G with Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) are also supported.

Ericsson Cloud VoLTE and Evolved Communication offering is verified towards all major device and chipset vendors. This secures smooth deployment, efficient network operations and future evolution of the offering.


Complete end-to-end offering

Ericsson’s Cloud VoLTE and Evolved Communication offering is a complete end-to-end offering based on GSMA IR.92 and related specifications to provide SMS, voice and video communication services over LTE access. This guarantees full device interoperability and allows for direct IP interconnect and roaming towards other operators.

Efficient operation

Building on an all-IP infrastructure such as LTE, EPC and IMS allows operators not only to cut operational cost through improved resource utilization such as for example improved spectrum efficiency, but also introduce new higher value-added services to end-users in order to reduce churn, such as HD voice, HD+ voice (EVS), video calling, multi-device, multi-SIM, call enrichment etc.

Convenient user experience

VoLTE users will keep the convenience of the mobile experience, using the built-in phone dialer and call screen with no need for app’s to make calls or messaging over IP. Users can also continue to benefit of a service with global reach, i.e. make and receive calls from any phone number in the world as well as continue to enjoy the advantage of roaming anywhere and still be reachable. In addition VoLTE users will enjoy more user friendly and intuitive services such as service reach, HD voice and video calling.

Our range of products
Cloud VoLTE

An industrialized solution to deliver VoLTE service onto a customer datacenter cloud.

Fast VoLTE Launch

Allows fast VoLTE initial deployment and further expansion both capacity wise as well functionality wise.

Compact Core

For service providers, MVNOs and mission critical networks needing rapid launch of mobile broadband.

IMS Products

A core network solution that delivers real-time communication services for consumer and business users.

Automated Acceptance Tests

Allows operators to expose and monetize the core network capabilities to external parties via APIs.


Empowers the full IP-communications experience, which comprises voice, video and rich messaging.

NGIN Application Suite

For service providers to grow Value Added Service revenue through communication and innovation.