Cloud VoLTE and Evolved Communication

Ericsson's cloud based Voice over LTE (VoLTE) solutions provide high quality communication services using IP technology over 4G/LTE and 5G/NR radio access networks. In addition to customary mobile telephony services, our solutions support value-added services such as HD voice, HD+ voice (EVS), video calling, Wi-Fi calling, multi-device, multi-line, enriched calling services and voice support for IoT devices (Cat-M1).

Our portfolio includes industrialized solutions to launch VoLTE services in weeks instead of months, as well as automated acceptance tests to reduce the TTM of new services you develop.


Full device interoperability from end-to-end solution

Ericsson’s Cloud VoLTE and Evolved Communication is a complete end-to-end offering based on GSMA IR.92 and related specifications to provide SMS, voice and video communication services over LTE access. This guarantees full device interoperability and allows for direct IP interconnect and roaming towards other operators.

Cut costs with higher value services

Building on an all-IP infrastructure such as LTE, EPC and IMS allows operators to cut operational cost by improving resource utilization with, for example, improved spectrum efficiency. It also enables operators to reduce customer turnover by introducing higher value services such as HD voice, HD+ voice (EVS), video calling, multi-device, multi-SIM, call enrichment,etc.

No disruption of the user experience

VoLTE users will keep the convenience of the mobile experience, using the built-in phone dialer and call screen with no need for app’s to make calls or messaging over IP. Users can also continue to benefit from a service with global reach. In other words, they can make and receive calls from any phone number in the world and still be reachable while roaming anywhere in the world.

Our range of products
Cloud VoLTE

An industrialized solution to deliver VoLTE service onto a customer datacenter cloud.

Fast VoLTE Launch

Infrastructure, IMS VNFs, and integration services to help you launch VoLTE in weeks instead of months

Compact Core

For service providers, MVNOs and mission critical networks needing rapid launch of mobile broadband.

IMS Products

A core network solution that delivers real-time communication services for consumer and business users.

Automated Acceptance Tests

Built on world-class test applications, Ericsson Automated Acceptance Tests performs large amounts of automated...


Empowers the full IP-communications experience, which comprises voice, video and rich messaging.

NGIN Application Suite

For service providers to grow Value Added Service revenue through communication and innovation.

Device Entitlement and Security

Includes two offerings, Ericsson eSIM solution and Ericsson non-SIM device support.

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Ericsson's VoLTE solutions encompass all of the communication core network components and professional services necessary to provide VoLTE communication services such as HD Voice, HD+ Voice, IP Messaging, and IP Video Communication. The solutions are also fully optimized for cloud deployment, agnostic to the underlying infrastructure for both media and control plane, and include critical automation to simplify creation and maintenance of end user services. Using feedback from device partners, the solutions are architected and designed to serve today's market where subscriptions are no longer simply one user with one device and one phone number. They can fall into any or all of the below use cases:

  • Multi-device: Users no longer own just one device; whether it is another smartphone, a tablet, a PC or a wearable, they expect to be able to handle their communication effortlessly across their devices.
  • Multi-line: Users should not have to carry multiple devices to handle multiple phone numbers. Whether it is a business line, a temporary line, or merging personal lines, the Ericsson VoLTE solutions are able to handle association and dynamic management of multiple phone numbers on a single device.
  • Shared line: For mobile families and small businesses multiple people have a need to be able to be reached at and call out of a single phone number.

Ericsson's VoLTE solutions are able to handle all of these use cases for both consumer and enterprise users. These are designed to serve as the foundation for enterprise communication offerings. The solutions are cloud optimized to ensure they are compatible across industry NFVis, perform consistently and efficiently on standard x86 hardware, and support automation use cases to minimize the infrastructure, time, and resource cost to launch and maintain new services.

Ericsson has developed industrialized VoLTE solutions to ensure fast and easy launch. Automation tools for deployment, testing and acceptance have been created to ensure that our customers are able to meet the demands of the new market reality. Along with addressing today's needs, Ericsson's VoLTE solutions are designed and jointly tested with chipset industry leaders to support Cat-M1 IoT services. The solutions will support 5G communication services once these are fully defined.