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IMS Products

Ericsson IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a core network solution that delivers rich real-time communication services for both consumer and business users over any access network and for any device types, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, laptops and fixed phones. Examples of communication services are HD voice (VoLTE), Wi-Fi calling, enriched messaging, enriched calling with pre-call info, video calling, HD video conferencing and web communication. NFV based virtual IMS networks are deployed globally.

User benefits

New communication experience from multimedia services with the quality, security and reliability you have come to expect from a telecom grade service. Consumers and business users will enjoy more flexible and easy-to-use communication services natively integrated on a multitude of devices. These services work seamlessly when users move between different accesses like LTE and Wi-Fi. With global reach, users don’t have to bother about knowing what network, device or application the other person is using.

Operator business benefits

IMS is chosen by the industry as the future proof technology for IP based communication core networks to ensure global interoperability, scalability, interworking with both legacy networks and web based services, and evolution to 5G Core. For operators to retain the voice and messaging business and stay relevant to their customers they have the opportunity to provide innovative, cost-efficient and interoperable communication services. These are readily available on a multitude of devices without the need for downloading an app or a client. In order to rationalize networks, save operational cost and harmonize the services delivered, mobile and fixed networks are converging. IMS provides one common system for all IP-based communication services, for both consumers and business users.

Ericsson solution benefits

Ericsson provides complete end-to-end offerings for communication services including IMS core, application servers, subscriber databases, mobile softswitch, packet core, support systems (OSS / BSS) and system integration services. Ericsson has the most field-proven IMS solution in the World, which secures interoperability within a broad eco-system and best-in-class performance. The compact IMS solution enables fast deployment and cost efficient expansion to larger capacity. The open and cloud compliant IMS-based portfolio also creates a foundation for rapid service introduction and a platform for innovation. In combination with our highly skilled professional services, Ericsson delivers customer solutions to increase relevance and revenue, reduce churn and optimize TCO.

Our range of products
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