Enterprise Communication

Enterprises are going through ICT transformation and digitalization. Which is taking enterprises towards digitalization and automation for continual opportunities for growth, innovation, and differentiation by using evolved technologies in IT and Communication domain.  The close integration of IT and communication domain is changing enterprises ICT needs and demands towards their ICT service providers and partners. Enterprises want to focus on their core business and are today looking for growth, efficiency, and flexibility which can be enabled by ICT as a service. 

As the communication is evolving from 2G, 3G towards 5G, it is giving new revenue opportunities from different economics to the telecom operators and service providers.

The basic Fixed Mobile Convergence has evolved and is enhanced to convergence of user’s devices and personas / profiles. Multi-Device (any device of the users, Fixed, Mobile, IP) and Multi-Persona (personal, business, group, family, etc.) propositions are helping operators to provide new converged services to their customers across consumer and enterprise segments.

The 5G and IoT use cases are more Enterprise driven and will be further enhancing the services opportunities in area of AR, VR, private networks, BOTS, voice for IoT (CAT -M1 and other) devices.

In the enterprise and enterprise domain operators are / will be competing to provide more value, rather than just connectivity and telephony to enterprises, the operators must provide the services with agility, quick time to market and using their network assets as the differentiators. 

The key challenge for operators to provide quick and agile services to their customers is their internal network and IT systems, which make costlier and time consuming for operators to compete the IT giants in terms of agility and customization.

Ericsson’s enterprise and IoT communication solutions approach is to help operators to make use of their network assets as the differentiator and provide services for their enterprise segments with agility and in an eco-systematic approach. 


Ecosystem manner

Ericsson approach is to work in a ecosystem manner working closely with operators, device OEM and other partners and to provide solutions to operators where they can use their network as the differentiator. This helps operators to provide and launch services to their enterprise customers with agility and reduced time to market.

Differentiating features

Ericsson’s network integrated VoLTE converged Enterprises Communication solutions and services will allow operator to compete against OTT with differentiating features.

Reduced complexity

Shorter Time to Market can be achieved with increased speed of deployment and Reduced complexity. This will also position operators as a flexible Enterprise communication solution provider for industries.

Our range of products
Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A software based solution to define a Virtual Private Network from physical telecommunication networks.

Service Number Application

Enables telecom operators to support enterprise customers with a highly featured and flexible service.

VoLTE for Unified Communication

Allows operators to offer business users high quality communication services using all-IP technology.

Contextual Communication Cloud

Targeting large enterprises that want to reap the benefits of process integrated communication.

Mission Critical Applications

Enables mission critical users, such ambulance to evolve their communication capabilities from today´s.