Business Communication Services and Enablers

Business Communication Services and Enablers provides advanced communication services for enterprise and business users and enables integration of VoLTE in the enterprise communication ecosystem. It includes five offerings: Ericsson Communication Accelerator, Virtual Private Network, Service Number Application, VoLTE for Unified Communication, and SIP Trunking.


Harmonized Set of Capabilities

Our different capabilities compliment each other to allow Service Providers to evolve their offerings towards business users depending on the maturity of the market.


Cater to Wide Needs of Business Users

Capabilities ranging from VoLTE connectivity to collaboration and contextual communication enable Service Providers to address all needs of business users.

Broad Experience

Our offering goes beyond the technological capabilities, we provide operational and commercial experience to help Service Providers getting the best out of the market.

Ericsson Communication Accelerator is launched

Ericsson Communication Accelerator is an as-a-service offering which allows Service Providers to quickly bring out advanced business communication services to the market. 

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Cloud Communication to accelerate your business

To become the preferred partner for enterprises and business users, service providers need to quickly and proactively release compelling services on top of their network assets.

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Our range of products
Communication Accelerator

Ericsson Communication Accelerator is as-a-service platform providing advance communication services

Service Number Application

Enables telecom operators to support enterprise customers with a highly featured and flexible service.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A software based solution to define a Virtual Private Network from physical telecommunication networks.

VoLTE for Unified Communication

Allows operators to offer business users high quality communication services using all-IP technology.

Contextual Communication Cloud

Targeting large enterprises that want to reap the benefits of process integrated communication.

SIP Trunking

Our Ericsson Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking service connects enterprise communications systems — such...