Media Gateway for Mobile Networks

M-MGw provides a cost efficient media plane solution for mobile switching application by offering secure IP transport and HD voice over all interfaces. It also provides support for easy migration to VoLTE and IMS with only software upgrade and the addition of individual boards.

Product description

Media Gateway for Mobile Networks (M-MGw)is a high performance media plane product deployed globally in almost 400 networks.It is a solution to those challenges operators are facing today and in the future, such as how to optimize voice production costs and how to safeguard revenues in evolving telephony environment.

Cost efficiency is achieved by implementing efficient pooling in the network to share and utilize the network resources in the best possible way. MGw pooling enabled by IP transport directly contributes tothis goal. M-MGw supports IP transport on all interfaces enabling the best possible end-to-end HD voice quality and bandwidth utilization. M-MGw IP support covers also A-interface to GSM radio and VoIP interface to IMS and other external mobile and fixed networks).

Ourunique approach to converge all media plane functionality needed by mobile switching and IMS in a single product enables M-MGw to be a future proof solution when introducing VoLTE and IMS services. M-MGw is able to host not only MGw application but also BGF application offering secure IP transport to external networks as well as MRFP and MRFC applications offering announcements and conferencing in a multimedia environment. Support of HD video transcoding in M-MGw enables services such as HD quality video conferencing with active speaker detection.

Co-location of HD quality speech services and HD quality video services enables to utilize the installed M-MGw base also for multimedia services. This helps to reduce the number of media plane nodes in the network and ensures the best resource utilization and energy efficiency.