Core Network Exposure

The programmable telecom network is becoming a reality at the same time that telecom operators are being presented with new opportunities as Internet of Things (IoT) devices materialize and gain importance. Participating in a successful partner ecosystem is the best way to seize these opportunities beyond the traditional voice, messaging and data services. However, to participate, you must grant those partners access to your network. How can you do that in a way that is both convenient and secure?

Ericsson Core Network Exposure solutions provide standardized APIs to expose operator’s key 4G and 5G core network capabilities to their ecosystem partners, providing the means to build a partner-driven business.

Our offerings under Core Network Exposure support a variety of use cases to drive an operator’s business in IoT (Massive IoT, BroadBand IoT, Critical IoT, Industrial IoT) and eMBB segments.


Ericsson Composition Engine (ECE)

Ericsson Composition Engine (ECE) provides functionality for Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF), and IoT device management and communication for network technologies up to and including 5G Non Stand Alone. It also includes an API Gateway & Management optional module.

Cloud Core Exposure Server (CCES)

Ericsson Cloud Core Exposure Server (CCES), introduced as part of our 5G Stand Alone solution, is a cloud-native product that allows operators to securely expose and monetize their core network capabilities to both external and internal parties. It includes the Network Exposure Function (NEF), on top to the IoT device management & communication and the API Gateway & management modules. It evolves to also support SCEF, in order to provide a common dual-mode Core Network Exposure platform. 


Monetize your network:

Opening network capabilities to a partner ecosystem opens new revenue streams for mobile network operators that are willing to enable partners to collaborate on new service packages.

Secure access to your network assets:

Ensure that your network assets remain secure while allowing the partners in your ecosystem to innovate and influence network behaviors.

Remove network complexity:

Enable developers to focus on the service they want to provide their customers instead of managing the complexity of the network.

Our range of products
Cloud Core Exposure Server

Allows operators to expose and monetize the core network capabilities to external parties via APIs.

Composition Engine

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Identity Manager

Identity Manager is the new cloud native identity manager and provides the operator the ability to become a trusted...