Cloud Core Exposure Server

Cloud Core Exposure Server is the commercial realization of the 3GPP Network Function NEF.

CCES allows operators to  securely expose and monetize the core network capabilities  to external parties via APIs. CCES can also expose the capabilities internally for operator’s trusted domain.

CCES is fully developed based on Cloud Native principles, with a SW architecture based on micro service technology, with common development framework across portfolio of products, deployable on containers on bare metal or VMs and fully stateless with separation of business logic and data storage.

CCES has multi-layered and flexible security mechanisms to secure operator network while exposing the capabilities.

CCES supports modular and flexible deployment of embedded or standalone 3GPP Rel-15 NEF and API Gateway as embedded. CCES could deploy a full API Gateway & Management for the operator or can work with operator API Gateway & Management.