Cloud Container Distribution

Until recently, telco applications were packaged, managed, and orchestrated as virtual machines (VMs). Of late, containers have become popular because they provide a lighter, more portable packaging alternative. Ericsson Cloud Container Distribution (CCD) manages and orchestrates all containerized applications deployed in Ericsson products, including VNFs. Ericsson CCD is based on Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration platform that has become a de-facto industry standard. To Kubernetes, CCD adds components to manage ingress, networking, storage, monitoring, and more.



At Ericsson we don’t just consume open source software, we contribute to the open source community. We propagate our contributions upstream so that the entire community benefits from them and they are more widely adopted. After releasing them to the community, where they become integrated with the rest of the distribution, we download the resulting capabilities into our CCD product. We provide extensibility through the public interface to our components.

Optimized for telco-grade workloads

Our CCD clusters are configured for telco workloads. Our CCD installer configures each cluster with the networking plug-ins such as Multus or Calico that provide the capabilities most needed by telco applications. These clusters can also be pre-configured with high availability for immediate production use. All of our cluster configurations have been validated with CNCF’s Kubernetes conformance tests to ensure compatibility with the larger Kubernetes ecosystem.

World Class Support

Ericsson support extends to our open source software. It is available across the globe and provides world-class expertise and guidance for CCD cluster setup, configuration, operation, and administration so you can operate with optimal efficiency.