Cloud Container Distribution

Ericsson Cloud Container Distribution (CCD) provides container management and orchestration for the latest Ericsson applications that have been updated to run in a container environment. Cloud Container Distribution is also a key component for Ericsson's market leading NFVI solution, providing Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) capability in a telco-grade solution.

The industry standard Kubernetes open-source container orchestration system is the foundation of Cloud Container Distribution, supporting the deployment, scaling, and management of telco applications, such containerized virtual network functions.

Additional open-source software builds out the telco-grade cluster, adding components for ingress, networking, storage, and monitoring among other capabilities. The Cloud Container Distribution clusters can be configured out-of-the-box for high availability, ready for production use.


Open Source Foundation

Brings together Kubernetes and other leading open source software for container runtime, ingress, networking, storage, and monitoring to create and configure clusters ready for production use. Ericsson’s commitment to open source ensures that changes are always up-streamed first, delivering new features through official release from the open source project. Extensibility is achieved through the public interfaces of the components.

Optimized Telco Grade Container Orchestration

CCD Kubernetes clusters are ready for telco workloads. CCD installer configures the cluster with selected networking plug-ins such as Multus or Calico, to provide networking capabilities needed in telco applications. CCD distribution installer also creates production ready clusters configured for high availability. Supported cluster configurations are validated with CNCF’s Kubernetes conformance tests to ensure compatibility with the ecosystem.

Customer Support

With Ericsson, you can count on product support, even for open source software. Ericsson’s global product support provides world class support and services for Cloud Container Distribution clusters setup, configuration, operation, and administration.