Cloud SDN

Ericsson Cloud SDN is a software-defined networking solution that provides seamless intra-datacenter connectivity for virtual and physical, workloads in a telecom cloud. 

It is a unique combination of our industrialized version of the multi-protocol and modular OpenDaylight platform paired with advanced routing capabilities of our design.

It provides network automation services to VNF workloads as part of our NFVI solution. 

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The design of Ericsson Cloud SDN follows the  ETSI architecture and uses open source components including OpenDaylight and OVS. We are one of the leading contributors to both projects, and we integrate our SDN software with OpenStack using standard APIs.

Automated Network Deployment

The automation in our cloud SDN reduces the need for manually creating custom network configurations when you onboard a VNF. Instead, our automated processes configure the optimal network configuration for each VNF automatically. Our cloud SDN solution offers layer 2/3 services to VNFs, resulting in lower opex, capex, and shorter time-to-market.

Because we integrate with OpenStack, our cloud SDN benefits from its lifecycle management and deployment automation capabilities.

Telecom Grade

We hardened our cloud SDN solution to provide the level of high availability, robustness, performance, security, and operational efficiency required for telecom deployments. We tested and verified its operation as part of a complete NFVI solution with real-world, operational VNFs. As we learn more from our commercial deployments, we continuously integrate and deploy product improvements to our existing customers through regular updates.

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2016 and earlier



The NFVI deployments of telecom operators must support a diverse set of applications, including VNFs, OSS/BSS applications, and operator IT applications.

We included cloud SDN in our NFVI solution so that its automation capabilities would result in shorter service activation times and fewer human errors in these common NFVI operations: 

  • Datacenter network configuration
  • Orchestrating network security for tenants, virtual machines.
  • Establishing connectivity between legacy bare-metal services and the virtual infrastructure
  • Support for multiple networking technologies such as layer 2/3 virtual private networks (VPN).


Open Source

Ericsson Cloud SDN is built on OpenDaylight and Open vSwitch, which helps us benefit from an ecosystem with industry-wide participation.

The architecture of Ericsson Cloud SDN combines a centralized routing control plane in the cloud SDN controller with distributed forwarding planes in the cloud SDN switch. This combination provides these key technical capabilities:

  • Full routing capabilities and high performance virtual switching
  • Overlay networking solution for distributed datacenter and hybrid clouds
  • Seamless interworking with enterprise and service provider BGP/VPN & IP/MPLS WAN infrastructures
  • Open integration with industry-standard datacenter fabrics and switches.