To seize the opportunities promised by many 5G use cases, service providers must distribute compute, storage and network resources to the edge. Distribution also enables increased network architecture flexibility by using cloud and NFV.

Ericsson Edge NFVI is optimized to move traffic through a distributed network with the required latency at low cost and with high throughput. The design is compact and has a unified management of cloud native applications and virtual network functions running on one single platform. Using a market proven system-verified design with telco grade characteristics, Ericsson Edge NFVI is ready to be quickly deployed in demanding telecom environments.

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Small and powerful for cost efficiency

Provides high throughput to cater to applications that put a heavy load on the user plane. It delivers a throughput of 200 Gbps per server on the edge in 1/3 the hardware footprint and software management overhead has been reduced significantly.

Efficient hybrid VM and container environment

Virtual machines and containers will co-exist for the foreseeable future. To efficiently accommodate both, Ericsson Edge NFVI supports a common MANO solution that manages both VMs and containers running on the same platform.

E2E managed and orchestrated solution for distributed cloud

Employs the same software stack and supports the same pre-integrated hardware components as Ericsson NFVI. Dynamic orchestration and management for thousands of edge sites is mature and powerful, providing automated E2E orchestration across the network.