Our NFVI solution enables operators to deploy virtual network functions (VNFs) or cloud native functions (CNFs) from multiple vendors, as well as OSS and BSS applications, with speed while keeping total cost of ownership low. This cloud infrastructure solution is open and follows ETSI architectural principles. In order to get started quickly with cloud-based applications and with low risk, we provide a system verified solution that is proven and pre-integrated supporting edge computing deployments and container management capabilities.



Short TTM and Low TCO

Deploy NFVI and introduce new services quickly with a market proven system-verified solution.


Onboard applications from multiple vendors with our solution based on ETSI architectural principles and open source components. Use Ericsson or third party hardware.

Complete Solution

Evolve with a full stack solution for central and distributed cloud deployments supporting both virtual machines and containers.

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We pre-integrated the latest cloud and open source technologies, including software defined infrastructure and automated orchestration, into a standards-based telco-grade platform for 5G. The focus is on rolling out operators' virtual network functions and services in dramatically shorter time because we have pre-integrated, tested and verified the solution. This approach reduces complexity and risk during the NFV transformation.

Our telecom grade solution is commercially proven with several of the world’s leading operators. Ericsson NFVI solution consists of software and hardware products as well as support and system integration services forming a complete solution for telecom operators.

Automated Orchestration and Management
Set up, launch, and lifecycle-manage your virtual network functions and services easily with Ericsson Orchestrator, and automate their deployment across underlying virtual environments and physical resources.

Telecom Grade VIM
Dynamically allocate resources for VNFs with telecom grade capabilities such as redundancy, high availability, high throughput with low latency, trusted tenant isolation, automatic VM recovery, and more with Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment - our telecom grade VIM based on OpenStack.

Container Management and Orchestration
The industry standard Kubernetes opensource container orchestration system is the foundation of Ericsson Cloud Container Distribution (CCD). It supports the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized virtual network functions and provides the Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) capability. Additional open-source software builds out the telco-grade cluster, adding components for ingress, networking, storage, and monitoring among other capabilities.

Software Defined Networking
Ericsson Cloud SDN is a network virtualization solution providing seamless intra- and inter-datacenter connectivity. It uniquely combines an industrialized OpenDaylight controller with advanced routing capabilities and provides network automation services to NFV workloads.

Software Defined Infrastructure
Create multiple virtual performance optimized datacenters (vPODs) from a single infrastructure, each optimized to run a particular type of workload. Assign or remove pooled compute and storage resources flexibly with Ericsson Cloud Infrastructure system based on Intel® Rack Scale Design. Ericsson BSP 8100 is a NEBS3 compliant platform optimized for central office deployments.

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In attempting to reap the benefits of cloud by virtualizing physical network functions, early adopters in the telco industry embraced a best-of-breed approach that required a great deal of time and money to integrate. As a result, it took them many years to roll out their first VNFs.

We believe that at a better approach is to rely on a pre-configured, pre-integrated, and tested system-verified solution from an experienced partner.

Over several years of helping telecom operators virtualize their network functions, we have learned a great deal about integrating telco-grade solutions, including how to reduce the time and cost involved. We spent a huge effort in selecting, integrating, and testing our best components to make sure that the entire NFVI solution helps you deploy your services rapidly with the reliability expected by a telco system

We have systems in commercial production at many  Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators. Those customers experienced dramatic improvements in the time to market of their network services with significant reductions in both capex and opex.

Lessons Learned

  • When we pre-integrated the components ourselves, we reduced deployment time for every one of our customers.
  • We were able to guarantee that our solution worked because we subjected it to our own rigorous testing.
  • We avoided compatibility headaches by lifecycle-managing individual components within our system-verified solution.
  • An open, industry standard architecture enabled us to incorporate VNFs and compute hardware from multiple vendors.
  • A system-verified solution scales more reliably and cost-effectively than a collection of best-of-breed components

To make sure it paves the way for 5G, we had to design our solution today to include distributed cloud capabilities and cloud native infrastructure.

Anders Vestergren, Head of Solution Line Distributed Cloud