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Managed Services

New AI-based Ericsson Operations Engine makes managed services simple
The Ericsson Operations Engine directly and proactively addresses service providers’ managed
services  complexity challenges as the industry moves to the reality of 5G and IoT.

The Ericsson Operations Engine has three building blocks:

  • Service-centric business model based on business outcomes: Using AI, automation and data insights, the Ericsson Operations Engine addresses targeted business outcomes for service providers such as enhanced customer experience, revenue growth and efficiency.
  • End-to-end capabilities: Delivering on business outcomes through AI-based design, planning and optimization, data-driven operations, dynamic deployment, applications development, and collaborative innovation.
  • Components: Best-in-class processes, applications and infrastructure that leverage data, AI and automation as well as expertise and investments in the service provider domain.
Our range of products
Smart Design

By tracking numerous KPIs, the Ericsson Operations Engine leverages an experience-centric model to evolve networks...

Dynamic Deployment

The Ericsson Operations Engine leverages next-generation applications, infrastructure and expertise, enabling service...

Data Driven Operations

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Intelligent Optimization

The Ericsson Operations Engine processes massive data sets using AI and machine learning to provide a high-resolution...

Seamless Security

Increased volume of devices combined with the growing complexity of new technologies like 5G and IoT continuously...

Agile Application Management

The Ericsson Operations Engine leverages API and microservice-based applications to improve agility and resilience,...