Agile Application Management

The Ericsson Operations Engine leverages API and microservice-based applications to improve agility and resilience, accelerate time-to-market for new services, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Transform legacy applications into state of the art

Modernize legacy applications with DevOps and a bi-modal model to support a successful transformation while enabling new product and service deployments. Service providers could reduce maintenance costs and resources in development activities.

Bring new developments to market efficiently

The Ericsson Operations Engine transforms the development and maintenance of new products using DevOps. It moves customers closer to the development process to ensure new products effectively meet those real-world needs—reducing time to market, improving customer experience, and driving efficiency.

Create revenue streams through data capitalization and API management

The Ericsson Operations Engine helps you to harvest your data and monitoring your API exposure in the best way, knowing who is consuming and who is connected, bringing full visibility of the entire ecosystem.

Our range of products
Application Services

Service offerings that address the maintenance, development, modernization, and operations of customers.