Cloud and IT Services

Three key trends are impacting communications service providers’ cloud and IT landscape, which means that the traditional operating models will not able to adequately handle the challenges of the future.
  • Increasing technological complexity and a growing scale of operations driven by cloud, virtualization, 5G & IoT.
  • New technologies driving new use cases and services, forcing communications service providers to be more agile and faster in launching new services to stay competitive.
  • Increased focus on delivering enterprise services with stringent industrial grade SLAs.
Cloud & IT Services powered by Ericsson Operations Engine help communications service providers to address these challenges. With AI and automation embedded, our data-driven Cloud & IT Services are more proactive, and value-focused than ever before.
  • Cloud & IT Services Operations: We improve operational efficiency, driven by end-to-end capabilities such as AI, automation, DevOps and CI/CD practices deployed in an integrated operating model. Our services also improve customer experience by tracking Service KPIs and monitoring performance with proactive intervention.
  • Automated Business Service Management: We enable communications service providers to deliver superior customer experience through automating business processes, including onboarding / activation, billing, order management and customer management.
  • Cloud-Native Application Development: We help communications service providers to accelerate the migration of their applications to cloud in an agile way with minimal risk and disruptions. This will facilitate faster time to market and a reduced operational expense.