Intelligent Optimization

The Ericsson Operations Engine processes massive data sets using AI and machine learning to provide a high-resolution image of the network.

With deep insights into performance and reliability, service providers are able to pivot and adapt networks to meet the growing customer demands.

Measure and optimize what really matters to customers

The Ericsson Operations Engine manages the transformation from network KPIs to service KPIs, enabling service providers to manage customer experience in real-time. Service providers could increase network ROI and reduce customer complaints.

Optimize networks without the touch of a human hand

Network optimization involves thousands of parameters. Rather than computing them individually, the Ericsson Operations Engine uses intelligent automation to manage the complexity of optimizing network performance. The Cell Issue Classifier, for example, analyzes 170,000 cells in 15 minutes, identifying 19 different problem classes and 3 most-probable root causes–with 97% accuracy.

Prepare for external network benchmarking

The Ericsson Operations Engine combines industry expertise and the latest technologies to help service providers maximize their scores during network benchmarking initiatives. One service provider scored an industry high mark in P3 benchmarking, 973 out of 1000 points, performing 3 times faster than service providers acting alone.