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Network Managed Services

Ericsson Managed Services enhance wireless and wireline operators’ ability to meet their consumers’ expectations by assuring performance, capacity and coverage of networks and services.

Cost, performance and capabilities

Ericsson Managed Services enhance operators’ competitiveness through a combination of:

Improving cost efficiency in network operations: This is where the Managed Services business once started and it is still the basis. Based on our 15+ years of experience an average cost reduction of 20-25% is possible to achieve.

Improving network and service performance: This is equally important as cost efficiency. As an example, in one of our engagements we improved the performance of the network and existing services which led to a 14% increase in voice and data traffic.

Improving customer experience: A Managed Services engagement can be tailored towards improving customer experience. We have seen examples of customer complaints reduction by 15-20% and Net Promotor Score improvements with up to 25 points.

Providing capabilities for:

Network transformation: This can involve managing operations and phase out of legacy equipment or introducing new technologies like for example SDN&NFV.

Small cells: We see an increasing demand for utilizing Managed Services to provide Small cells as-a-Service for indoor and high dense outdoor areas, for example public venues.

Security: For several of our customers we have taken on the responsibility to ensure that security processes, staff and systems are equipped to handle the latest security threats.

What differentiates Ericsson is our globally integrated service delivery model combining the most experienced people with a powerful tools suite and processes.

Our range of products
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