Smart Design

By tracking numerous KPIs, the Ericsson Operations Engine leverages an experience-centric model to evolve networks intelligently, using targeted CAPEX investments to deliver superior performance while limiting costs.

Business-driven network planning

By connecting network metrics to targeted business outcomes, the Ericsson Operations Engine optimizes costs, capacity, coverage, and service quality to realize tangible business results. This ensures outcomes remain the guiding principle for operational decisions.

Surgical capacity planning

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses advanced algorithms to analyze customer experience and network data to develop an optimized network model - reflecting real levels of traffic, service, and experience data, the model enables intelligent, targeted investments.

Experience-driven network design

Leveraging large-scale resources like crowd-sourced experience data or geo-located network trace data, the Ericsson Operations Engine optimizes network configurations to improve application coverage and end-user experiences. It enables service providers to translate customer needs into functional network requirements.

Drive-less network tuning for increased efficiency

Instead of sending cars into the field to test network performance, the Ericsson Operations Engine leverages existing data. It gathers network KPIs and tags them with geo-location data to improve traffic, throughput, and user experience.