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Private Networks

Today, the need for advanced connectivity is a major trend in both public and private businesses. Digitalization of business operations require both connecting and integrating machines, people and devices. Land Mobile Radio modernization and Industrial digitalization are the main driving forces behind the transformation.

Ericsson, through its leadership in 3GPP LTE and 5G technologies, delivers business critical and mission critical mobile broadband solutions to build private networks with high reliability, high performance and secure communications. This enables integration of diverse devices such as sensors, machines, in-vehicles and hand-held devices across a wide range of applications (e.g. voice application like PTT) and usage scenarios for industries and enterprises.

Ericsson Private Networks offering has been defined to help service providers create sustainable growth, by leveraging existing assets, while fulfilling criticality levels on the service provided.
As technology is evolving towards 5G, the software used in the core of the communication networks, and the software used in value added applications, have evolved with virtualization and cloud techniques. With Ericsson Private Networks portfolio, it’s now possible for service providers to adapt the service provided to specific customer needs.

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Locally controlled

Critical industry use cases require full local control and edge processing, to guarantee availability, security and latency. Ericsson Private Networks solution offers the best of breed of on-premises and cloud technologies, enriching the service offered to industries


Private networks can be tailored for specific that enterprise applications and business platforms. Examples of such optimization are quality-of-service (QoS), mobility and latency settings

Future proof

Ericsson is market leader in 3GPP standardization and although LTE technology (4G) can already allocate many critical broadband use cases, it’s a clear expressed industry need to secure the full support of 5G on the same solution