IoT Accelerator


Ericsson IoT Accelerator enables enterprises to easily deploy, manage and scale their global IoT business from a unified IoT platform.

Delivered as a service through our global partner network, Ericsson’s one core network provides complete visibility and control of all IoT devices throughout their entire lifecycle, no matter where in the world they are located.

Our range of products
IoT Accelerator Trigger Management

Defining and managing alerts, automation and actions.

IoT Accelerator Service Management

Simplify and improve the service.

IoT Accelerator Subscription Lifecycle Management

Unified way of managing connectivity of IoT devices on any cellular network .

IoT Accelerator eSIM Hub

Where enterprises digitally acquire eSIM subscriptions provided by the wider operator community.

IoT Accelerator Cloud Connect

Making secure connections to public cloud IoT endpoints easy.

IoT Accelerator Premium Support

Enabling CSPs to help enterprises stay on top of their game.

IoT Accelerator Developer Portal

Helps to build, deploy and manage connectivity, applications and processes on IoT Accelerator.

IoT Accelerator Device Connect

Enabling global adoption of cellular IoT connectivity.

IoT Accelerator Connect Hub

A web service designed to double the total addressable market for Connectivity Management.

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Solution Guide
Q1 2022 IoT Accelerator solution brief PDF Feb 28, 2022

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