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IoT Accelerator Connect Hub


Scale from one device to a million. Seamlessly.

The IoT Accelerator Connect Hub service means developers themselves can onboard from multiple participating operators and get coding immediately. The service provides:

  • Instant access to APIs and test SIMs
  • One technical solution with hundreds of commercial options
  • Seamless scaling of architectures through commercial rollout

Enterprise challenges
  • Difficult to onboard to tier-one solutions for prototypes and field trials
  • Online IoT SIMs typically do not scale to production
  • Transitioning to scale often means rewriting APIs and architecture

Enterprise benefits

Control time and cost

  • Greater efficiency by eliminating the need to re-write applications as a solution scales into production 

Improve user experience

  • Developers can instantly onboard via multiple digital marketplaces to a tier-one solution

  • No lock in as many of the world’s leading mobile operators freely put their trust in Ericsson’s self-service onboarding
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