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Ericsson Transformative IT

Increased demands on the IT organization from external and internal stakeholders means that IT finds itself saying “No” and “Wait” much more often than they or anyone else want. Changing this situation requires a digital transformation across the business.

To meet expectations of digital-savvy customers, marketing needs to quickly launch a stream of new and compelling services and finance wants those services monetized immediately, product development and production need an agile and efficient IT environment (to support them). Information Technology can be a powerful force for realizing digital transformation across the business — putting customers in control, with the right offerings, on a hyperscale infrastructure that is dynamically managed and orchestrated.

Find out how to do tomorrow what you can’t do today

IT Transformation: transform at every level

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Empowered customers

Put users first and consistently in control across touch points. Be proactive in assuring tailored service levels, predictive in delighting users with context-aware offers, and preemptive in correcting problems before they occur.

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Innovative offerings

Innovate and launch services on the fly. Leverage catalog-driven charging and billing to rapidly create, test and manage, alone or with partners, with revenues collected and distributed seamlessly.

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Dynamic orchestration

We help organizations to manage and orchestrate their infrastructure in real-time and extract the full value of the latest technologies. Programmability, automation, and virtualization move from being IT jargon to new levels of performance, reliability and efficiency.

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Hyperscale infrastructure

Modernize and evolve to hyperscale infrastructure that can be managed and orchestrated in real time. It should be secure, scalable, programmable and automated. Running infrastructure like software to increase performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness and enable a better customer experience on demand.

Transformative IT insights

Get the latest insights about how Transformative IT can help you thrive in a digital world.  Here you’ll find blogs, articles, white papers and reports to help you extract greater value from the Networked Society.

Delivering services with one click

Delivering services with one click

The recent Ericsson ConsumerLab report shows that customers want a seamless, omnichannel experience in which they can make online purchases without any hassle.

Why platforms are the future of cloud computing

Why platforms are the future of cloud computing

We’re at the very start – not the end – of the cloud era. As industry pioneer Jason Hoffman explains, today’s dominant cloud players are actually small relative to the possibilities – and the future is there for the taking.

Featured insights

Get unique insights to help you revolutionize your IT and strengthen your market position.

Why seamless organizations will own the future

What do your customers want? A secure, consistent and intuitive experience across the channel of their choice. For service providers, success therefore requires a new organizational vision.

The transformative CIO​

IT executives speak out in 'The Transformative CIO: The Power and Challenges of Change'​

Ericsson ConsumerLab: The one-click ideal

Challenging expectations for operators on the digital customer journey.

Case story

Telefonica transformed

The telecom digitalization journey is about how you move a traditional telecom operator to become much more agile. See how Telefonica CIO Christina Alvarez tackled the challenge.

Our IT offerings

Learn more about the most comprehensive, advanced software in the industry; coupled with our cloud infrastructure hardware and deep consulting and systems integration expertise.

Offering areas

Featured offerings

Software, infrastructure and services to help speed your digital transformation.

Our offerings

Revenue Manager

Cloud-ready convergent charging and billing that enables digital business transformation and meets the needs of the Networked Society.

Digital Telco Transformation

We can help you define a digital telco strategy based on your strategic objectives – and then plan, build and deploy the capabilities you need to compete in the digitalized marketplace.

Hyperscale now

For any enterprise going through the digital industrialization; key questions related to datacenter transformation are how to operate with efficiency and how to transform the business.

Awards and recognition

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Ericsson maintains worldwide OSS leader placement

Four years running, Gartner has named Ericsson as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Operations Support Systems report.

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Gartner Integrated Revenue and Customer Management recognition

For the second year in a row, Gartner has recognized Ericsson as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management for CSPs.